Friday, January 1, 2010

Favorites Friday: Rockin Rings

See, it's about rings made of rocks, get it?

These rings all feature druzy stones, which are formed when tiny crystals grow on or in other stones.

AND here are a few more sellers with dazzling creations:

Just... wow...

I LOVE gigantic rings, so of course I was most smitten with this beauty, which is sold :( But there's still a great selection:

These unique pieces are made of real sea urchins and shells!

Here's another of my favorites that is sold. But I love these too:


Star of the East said...

You found some amazing rings, wow!
Thanks so much for including ours!

Anonymous said...

thank you!
Happy New Year!

masaoms said...

Wow, they're so great!!! Thank you very much!!
Happy new year!