Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My First Blog!

Ok, so I just came back from an evil site called Twitter. I thought this would be the simplest way to make new online friends and shamelessly promote my new online shop. Only now I feel old and un-hip. *sigh*
Well I didn't get very far with this- Carly is stomping her little foot (clad in my black stilettos) demanding "wafoos" for dinner. *Slogs off to kitchen to prepare for the inevitable mess that will be created by syrup and peanut butter...*

....*6 hours later*....

I convinced her frozen pizza rolls would be soo much tastier than waffles made from scratch *ahem* as you can see here, she agrees:

So then my absolute favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, comes on. It's her favorite too- she loves to try to match every move they do. Which is getting a little too saucy, really. I watch the dances, and craft through the judge comments and commercials. Here's what I finished tonight:

It's a coffee cup cozy! With bluebirds and blueberries. I'm taking a poll to see if it appears that the birds are eating the berries or if the berries are poo, from the previous bird.
Ok so my first blog post and I've successfully said the word poo. My work here is done teehee


Lisa said...

Your blogging challenge is to use the word "poo" in EVERY SINGLE POST. Ohhhhh, yeah.

Terry said...

Yesterday, as I worked at my bench, my boss was standing behind me and said "TERRY...". I turned around and said "yeah?" That is when I heard the sound of a (pricey) Monster Energy drink can fall over, tipped by the soldering iron in my hand as I turned. Strangely, it wasn't "Poo" that I said, but something nevertheless similar.