Friday, July 24, 2009

The Vintage Button Score of The Century...

...Or at least the summer. Actually I found these 2 jars at a garage sale a few summers ago and they've been hiding in the Craftcrap ever since. I've only sorted through one of the jars (the colorful one, of course.) All of them look seriously old, some were even crumbled into little pieces and some are very rusty. They'll all need a good cleanup, but they've got me itching to craft!

These two say "Sweet Ore" and "Washington Dee Cee". Doncha just love the little birdies on the wire? So sweet!
Here are some details of some of my other favs. This pink art deco one is huge! It would make a great brooch, or necklace... er something. I know I should let these go to some Etsian who could really make something cool with them, but I can't give them up!

These are so rusty, I wonder how old they are. Some of the softer colors will be great for my whimsical hairclips. I can picture the fancier ones on collage jewelry or as the middle of a feather hair fascinator. I love those things!

I can't believe what a great deal I got on these buttons- $3 per jar! Even the jars were neat- one is Atlas with a glass lid, and the other is a Ball "Perfect Mason" jar with a ceramic-lined lid. There are a few more detailed photos at my flickr page. If anyone knows anything about these older buttons please let me know!

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