Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The All Natural Face

Anyone who knows me in person knows I have very badly-behaved skin. (If you only know me online, now you know that Photoshop is my friend.) Maybe one month out of the week we get along ok.
I've heard great things about mineral makeup, but the ads on tv and the radio sound so expensive. So I was really excited when I came across this great free sampler deal at The All Natural Face. The listing is for 7 sample-sized shades of foundation for $1.45 (shipping)
Here's what I got!

I got tons of foundation, several eyeshadows, mineral veil, concealer for under-eye circles, eyeshadow primer, lipstick, and the cute little brush! I can't remember the last time I had so much fun opening the mail! Crystal, the seller, is so generous!

Look at the shimmer in that eyeshadow! It's absolutely gorgeous. So far I've tried the Electric Pink, Moss, and Golden Brown. I love them! They're super soft and not at all cake-y. They stay on without getting creases, and that's before I've had a chance to try the eyeshadow primer or mineral veil!
(Since becoming a stay-at-home mom, the opportunities to get all dolled-up are few and far between!) Currently she has 49 shades of eyeshadow! And an awesome deal- 5 for $10!
Foundation is especially tough for me since my skin is super pale, but not in a lovely Dita VonTeese pale. More like a sickly see-through pasty pale. Not only that, but any color I do put on tends to look orange-ish. So the first shade I tried was Ivory Rose, and I'm in love! It's very tan and pink, but somehow cancels out my oompa loompa coloring to look really natural! And I still have 13 more shades to try out! I love the quality, too. It covers nicely by itself and reduces shine without the fuzzy "bunny nose" effect. It stays on all day without creasing or getting shiny, it's perfect!
I think my favorite part is the Frosted Merlot lipstick. I have it on right now heehee. It has a tingly, plumping effect that I've paid twice as much for at a certain other retailer with nowhere near the quality (rhymes with.. uh.. Mavon.) It's so soft and silky, and the color is fantastic. It has a gorgeous copper/bronze shimmer that's great for fall.
And check this out- Fix-It Sealant! It's a hydration mist for foundation and sealant for eyemakeup all in one! The description sounds heavenly.
Crystal also has tons of other all-natural products, like lip gloss, wrinkle serum, mascara, and blush. So get on over there and shop already!

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Christina said...

I have purchased from this shop as well and have been very happy so far! :D