Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorites Friday: Momochas

I've been admiring Momochas on Etsy since I first joined. It was extremely difficult to choose which pieces to include, because they're all gorgeous!

Ana, the talented creator of Momochas, uses polymer clay to create this lovely jewelry. I love how she adds tiny swarovski crystals and lace or trim to her work. So unique!

Pinkish Chocolate Pendant

"Serenity" Dangle Earrings

"Simple Harmony" Pendant

"Matter of Color" Ring

"Sweet Chic" Locket

Can you believe the amazing detail?

Ana was nice enough to take a few minutes to talk to me about her work!
ME: So where are you from?
ANA: I live in La Coruna, a beautiful city surrounded by the sea in the northwest of Spain, where I have been fortunate to be born and grow. When I feel a little stressed or tired I usually take little (or long) walks by the beach to recharge my batteries, and it always works! I can't imagine living in any other place.
ME: It sounds like a great place to inspire such amazing work! How did you get started with polymer clay?
ANA: I discovered polymer clay casually. One day I went with my sister to a little craft store and the variety of colors of the polymer clay caught our eyes. My sister wanted to make some adornments for the kitchen and we decided to give it a try. From that moment I fell in love with this material. I love the endless possibilities it brings.
ME: Do you enjoy any other crafts?
ANA: Although I love to work with polymer clay, I'm always looking for different mediums to create. I think I have a crafty and creative spirit clearly inherited from my mother (she's always been involved in different projects as far as I can remember,) and I can't help but to create and explore.
ME: What motivated you to start an Etsy shop?
ANA: What most attracted me to Etsy was the ease to use and the friendly appearance. It took me awhile to decide to open my shop, but now I couldn't live without it. I especially love the Etsy community, everybody is so sweet and kind. I have to recognize that now I'm an Etsy addict!
ME: I totally agree! Etsy is quite a unique venue. So what was your favorite thing to make?
ANA: It's difficult to choose a favorite piece of my creations. I'm very involved with each project and live it as it was the first one I make, but if I had to choose one it would be the "Sweet Chic" locket.
ME: I love that one! Lockets are a big thing right now, and this one is so different! I like how you have a wide range of colors and jewelry types in your shop- are you planning any new projects?
ANA: I love to explore, so I'm always looking for different finishes or products. Now I'm working on a new line of hair adornments and a bridal line I'm planning to add to my shop.
ME: I can't wait to see them! Today's brides love to have something one-of-a-kind in their wedding, your creations would be perfect! Is there anywhere else we can find you online?
ANA: My etsy shop is at . You can also find my work on Artfire at , and follow me on Twitter at .
Thanks so much Ana!

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