Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm on a mission.....

...To start an embroidered jewelry craze.
I can do it, too. I have a history of starting trends. Remember jelly shoes, the clear ones with glitter in them? I wore them when I was a toddler. 20 years later, they're all the rage from toddlers to adults. Remember how girls used to wrap strands of hair with cotton floss like a friendship bracelet? And then leave it for weeks to turn to dreds? That was all me. (Not that I plan to bring that one back- relax.)
Since the munchkin's been out of the house the past couple days (with family, not just roaming the yard or something..) I've gotten back a little of my creativity. The creativity that mysteriously disappeared right around the time I quit my job. Maybe it's the 30-pound fruit-snack-devouring creature that's been attached to me every moment for the past three weeks! But I love being a stay-at-home mom... yeah... aheh.. ehehe..
Anyway, I'm trying to stick to autumn colors now. No hot pink here. *sigh* But to keep it interesting, I tried something new.. a brooch!

Now the problem here is that I hate, despise, am sickened by the word "brooch." It sounds like a bug. Like when I stick the cicada shells on my shirt at the end of summer to freak my kid out- muahahaha- That's what I think of. Brooch. Just say it, it sounds just like "roach." Unless you say it in an english accent and roll the "r." Make sure to do the nose-in-the-air-eyebrows-raised look too. That's much better.
The other issue is that I'm not really a brooch -shudder- kind of person. Maybe it's the word, I dunno. Maybe I've just never been brave enough to wear them. Like how I've always wanted to be the kind of girl who would look cool walking around with a scarf on her head. That would never be me. People would point and stare. I stick to safe things, like necklaces. And not even the asymmetrical kind, where the pendant is off to the side. Or lariats. But now I might be brave enough to try outrageous things like lariats, because I love brooches! (Nope, still can't think that without shuddering.)
My favorite part is the vintage button. It's so detailed! I wanted it to have a showcase of its own.

Look at me! I don't look elderly at all, I'm adorable! (Not that I have anything against elderly folks, they are in fact [mostly] adorable. But they do seem to wear a lot of brooches.)

Don't look too close. After uploading the picture I realized I had a speck of cinnamon in my teeth (way to go photographer Doug) So I photoshopped it out. And I wasn't just eating cinnamon, they were snickerdoodle (another stupid stupid word) cookies. Boy were they good.

Anyway, my embroidered jewelry theme includes bracelets (already in my shop,) and soon earrings and necklaces! (The un-safe kind, beware...)
Know what else I was thinking? Maybe a super-bright floral embroidered camera strap.


Sara said...

So the Fo-Shizzle clinched it for RAWK! Love the brooch. I too don't wear brooch's. Any plans for shawl closures?

SewSweetStitches said...

Hmm.. describe shawl closure?

Lisa said...

Oooh, I like the, pin. That's gorgeous!

Joy De Vivre Design said...

Great blog! The word brooch is pretty funny, but your brooch is very cute!

serenade said...

love your blog come visit mine

Jessica said...

This broooooooooooch is my favorite so far! I love the colors and the button :)