Saturday, August 15, 2009

Most Delicous Soap EVER!

Disclaimer: Do not read the following post while hungry. You may be tempted to attempt to eat the monitor!
Seriously, that's how yummy these soaps sound. Angie at SudsNSuch has quite an imagination! AND she's having a sale this weekend- 20% off your entire order (Aug 14-16)

Scented chocolate and vanilla, and made with REAL chocolate!
Refillable soap containers- genius!

"Bar Brawl" Beer soap- what man wouldn't love this?
Her shop is full of unique scents, like peanut butter, banana cream pie, popcorn, caramel macchiato, ginger, cantaloupe, jelly bean, strawberry cream, pina colada, even pepperoni pizza!

Angie even has a customer loyalty program on her blog- A free soap after 5 orders!

ps. My favorite is the ginger.. just incase anyone was wondering! ;)

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Angie said...

Thank you for featuring my soaps!