Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SewSweet Stitched Packaging: Part Two- Gift Tags!

So you have your bubble mailer ready to go. We're going to add a few pretties to the inside too! These gift tags are more than packaging, they're reuseable- so you could count that as your little "customer appreciation freebie."

If you were able to find an 8" x 8" paper pad to match your cardstock sheets, perfect. Go ahead and chop up a piece into fourths. If you are using a regular sheet of scrapbook paper, just cut it up into sqares. The exact size isn't really important. Grab some plain cardstock and cut that up, too- a bit smaller.

Now fold each edge of your patterned paper in toward the wrong (back) side about a half inch, or to make whatever size tag you'd like. You can fold the corners in as well for a nice finished look.

So when you're done, it should look something like this:

Next, place one of your plain cardstock pieces right in the middle, and stitch around all edges. Obviously, you'll want to make sure your plain paper for the middle is large enough to cover the raw edges of the tag, but small enough to still leave a pretty border.

Now you can punch a hole in the corner and add whatever other tags you'd like to a scrap of ribbon. My scrapbook store of choice organizes their paper themes all together in one display, so there are lots of embellishments to match, like rub-ons, stickers, die-cuts, and so much more! You could really get fancy decorating the back of these cards. Or just look around your craft room- glue on some buttons, slap on a piece of paper lace doily, add an extra bow...
I stitched around a plain square of cardstock edged with decorative scissors to go with the gift tag. That way, you can write "To: CustomerName" on the plain one and leave the fancy one blank as the "gift" gift tag. I also attached a little label to explain the two tags, and added a business card.

Now you have something lovely to tie around your actual package envelope, which we'll walk through tomorrow- Part Three: Gift Envelope