Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here's what to do if... haven't been to the grocery store in forever and all you have is flour, cheese, and refried beans: Make tortillas!

Also required: Cooking skills, or at least a sense of adventure. I'll let you guess which one of those I did NOT have on hand. ehehe.

So that's what happened last week- I made quesadillas with refried beans, or what Taco Bell calls a Mexican Pizza, sans crispy fried goodness. I can't believe how well they actually turned out, considering my abysmal corn tortilla-making record. Apparently wheat flour is much more forgiving than masa.
I googled flour tortilla recipes, and they were all different. So I wrote down the one that looked the most authentic (the website background was mexican-ish colors) and got to work.

Step 1: 2 cups flour
Step 2: In a separate bowl, mix 1 and 1/4 cup warm water with 2 TB oil.
Step 3: Splash water all over recipe so it's illegible.
Step 4: Improvise.

The recipes were all different anyway! Does it really matter what I put in at this point? Meh.
I know there was a spoonful of baking powder in there somewhere. And I do remember the recipe saying to add the liquid to the flour one spoonful at a time and mix well. So I'm adding, mixing, adding, mixing, getting impatient, dumping, mixing, dumping....
And I get this:

Hmm.. doesn't look like any tortilla dough I've ever seen...
Maybe if I add some melted butter.

That's better.

Now comes the kneading part. I really like doing that. It makes me feel like a grown-up cook. Chef. Whatever.

Cover with wet towel for 20 minutes. Or wait is that for making bread? *shrug* What can it hurt?

Make into cute little dough balls:

Now roll out into perfectly round and smooth tortillas:


Now place in your professional tortilla warmer. Cuz that's the first thing on everybody's bridal registry, right?

Now add whatever canned goodies you have on hand for an authentic Mexican dish. haha.

Hey, the kid loved it!

Ok, she was actually scraping the topping OFF the tortilla pieces. But whatever.

Join us next week as we step up to the challenge of.....

.... the peanut butter sandwich.


Heidi Price said...

Yum, looks delish!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

OO Thanks for the recipe! I'd told it was simple but never knew how :).

kristasknackshack said...

Looks pretty good, I'll have to try it. I love step 3 the best.