Monday, September 28, 2009

Husband fixes computer... FAIL

Ok, that's not what happened, but I might as well have a kitty in my computer!

So lately our *relatively new* computer has been shutting itself off randomly, and we figured it was getting too hot. Moving it away from the wall didn't help, so DH decided to remove the cover and get all the dust out. Great plan, since there was quite a bit and that was probably causing the problem. Unfortunately, he failed to turn off and unplug. There was a spark, some cursing...

So sadly my last two installments of the Wool Gathering posts will have to be delayed until I can somehow retrieve the photos off the ..uh... flux.. capacitor.. hypergenerator.. warp.. drive...? Hard drive? Meh.

I do have a gargantuan list of exciting blog posts to write, but all the links, photos, etc, are [hopefully still] saved on the "smoking" computer.
But don't worry! My life is full of excitement! Like what you say?
Well... like baby poop on the living room carpet! Everyone loves to read about that, right??!!
ehm.... ok.

*Runs off to beg Dad to fix computer*


Sara said...

Oh no! Feed it some bananas for fuel?

Splendid Little Stars said...

LOL! Well, at least your sense of humor is intact!
PS I have a black and white kitty, Oliver, who looks much like yours and would, no doubt, try to dream up a similar scheme!

Marte said...

Uh-oh... don't get your hopes up, what your husband did to your computer is pretty much the worst thing he could have done... well, aside from leaving it next to a strong magnet.

Hopefully your harddrive survived!

SewSweetStitches said...

Gah! I hope so... curses for not using a flash drive to save important stuff. And there are so many pretty ones out there, too!
In desperation, I've been using his stinky old laptop. If you try to use the internet for more than anything like reading the news, it gets all confused and cranky. Took me like an hour to make one etsy listing. Needs reformatting apparently, but of course DH lost WXP cd. *sigh* Will hafta go to parents house to communicate w/outside world until resolved...

Jesse said...

If you guys get stuck and need a hand with the PC, let me know, I can swing by - maybe this weekend?

And BTW, I'm officially recommending that you start using Dropbox. It's an online storage service that will automatically synchronize your local data (pictures, documents, etc) to your online account as long as you have Internet access. Then you can access it again from any PC, in case your main computer dies. It's fantastic, and you get 2GB of storage free. I'll send you an invitation via email.

- Jesse