Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trinkets and Treasures

So it's a little early for "Favorites Friday," but I'm dying to introduce you to another very talented person I found on Etsy. (And let's face it, I fell off the cutesy Name/Day/Feature posting train a long time ago. Hey, I'm a creative person who can't be reigned in by rituals, ok?)

Anyway, allow me to introduce you to Sue, the talent behind TheThirdWish. I've always admired artists who create amazingly detailed jewelry with teensy-tinesy seed beads, especially when they're stitched into beautiful patterns. Sue takes it a step further with her lovely beaded boxes.

"Shining Pebbles" Box

"The Frog Prince" Box

Her jewelry is just as stunning:

"True Blue" Pendant Necklace

Want to get to know Sue better? She was nice enough to answer a few questions for us!

M: Where do you live, and what's it like to create there?
S: I live in El Cerrito, CA, close to Berkeley. I love the weather- it never snows. And many people here share my religious and political views.
I have two teenage daughters who talked me into opening up my Etsy shop. They have been doing all of the Etsy work- the shop setup, the photos, and descriptions.
M: They're doing a great job! How did you become interested in beading, and what inspires your work?
S: I have always enjoyed crafts. I have never considered myself very artistic, but I have always liked to give handmade gifts. I have taken a class or two and borrowed many crafting books from the library. I also subscribe to Beading Daily. Beading is very relaxing. I can come home from work and still have room for beading.
I think I am inspired by the beads themselves. I love that I can have a zillion different colors, sizes, and textures. I can set lots of different beads out together on a table and see how they look.
M: It comes through in your work- there's a calm, relaxing flow in your patterns! What do you like the best out of all your pieces?
S: I'm especially fond of my "Frog Prince" box.
M: I love those colors! Do you have any other crafts or hobbies? What else would you like to try?
S: I try to learn new beading stitches and techniques all the time. I'm also toying with mixed media mosaics, which will incorporate beads and beadwork.
I also make all of my own greeting cards, but only for personal use.
Sue will also be adding earrings to her shop soon!

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kristasknackshack said...

Wow! What great detail goes into the work. I am utterly amazed! Lovely!