Friday, October 9, 2009

Autumn in Waynesville

The antique shops in Waynesville have the most beautiful autumn decorations. Today Waynesville is getting ready for the big Sauerkraut Festival this weekend, and the streets are pretty busy. So I bundled up and took a stroll down Main Street to the post office. Here are a few lovely fall arrangements:

I'm amazed at all the colors of fruit there are. Are these pumpkins?? Look at this pink one in the top right corner:

Not a block from my apartment is the greatest shop eva- The Fabric Shack! Seriously, I could spend all day in here.

And I popped into my favorite little antique shop and found THIS:
It's painted metal, and the owner promised me a special price! I think it would be a perfect start to the vintage toy-themed room for my growing up little girl. I saw some perfect "first reader" style fabric at The Fabric Shack, they'd look great together.

This chair is so lovely, and only $12!

Bakelite radio:
Wouldn't this look great in my bathroom?

Tomorrow is the big festival, so hopefully I'll get some great photos. If those pesky flood warnings go away, that is!

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Jessica said...

Cool pics :)
That bird chair is sweet.