Friday, October 9, 2009

Betsy Mcall Nursery

I've always wanted a super pretty room for my baby girl. At first I envisioned shabby chic-style baby bunnies, with soft whites and pastel pink and green. I planned to buy vintage baby dresses to hang on the walls and make a lace canopy for an antique white-painted iron frame bed. The curtains would be giant pink rose floral with pompom trim. The bedspread would be my grandmother's pink chenille baby blanket. It would smell good.
I'd still love a room like that, but my tiny baby is growing into a little girl. And that style just isn't her. When I saw the old bedframe (shown in yesterday's post) at the antique shop next door, I just knew it was for her. Well, would be for her if I had the money to buy it. *sigh* At least I have my inspiration for a room totally her style.
She loves, like any other little girl, to help Mommy around the house. Give that kid a Swiffer duster and you'll have plenty of time to get the dishes done without a sneak splash attack from the side. She loves crafts, art, and books. She's definitely a girly-girl, but there's a tomboy side too. She's obsessed with airplanes, tools, and trucks.
When I was a kid, I always wanted my own little house in my bedroom somehow. It would be cool to recreate that vision for her.
I scoured Etsy, and here's what I've come up with:

Aren't these lamps adorable?

Pages from old nursery rhyme books would make cute wall hangings. Or they could be used to decoupage that dresser I so carefully hand-painted with vintage-looking flowers for her.

As for fabrics, there are too many to choose from! The colors can't be too girly, but should include feminine details like yo-yos, pompoms, and ricrac trim.

Come to think of it, Mom started a repro feedsack quilt for her while she was still gestating. (The baby, that is.) Would fit in perfectly. Mom.

By the time I get around to buying all this stuff, or living in an apartment worthy of such a pretty room, she'll have outgrown this style too.
But it's fun to look!


Christina said...

Awesome items! I love those ideas for a girl's room.

Sara said...

That is an amazing collection. Very fun!

Lisa said...

The quilt is on the list! Really!!

leah said...

what a great, great collection! that makes me want to decorate a room like that and we dont have any kids yet! thanks for featuring my paper dolls. =)