Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorites Friday: Feathers!

This shop has so many feathered goodies, it was reeeally hard to pick just one!

Owl and Blooms Bib Statement Necklace by Autumn Art
Ok, this necklace is just full of my favorite stuff- crochet, embroidered felt, lace, beads, and fabric rosettes! Can you get any more creative than that?

Pink Lemonade Hair Fascinator by 10eisha
I love the shop banner: "Hair Accessories for The Brave".
That's me!

Envy Green Shoe Clip by nylora
Envy? Oh yes, these would create envy alright.
(C'mon Jess, you know you love them!)

Musette Cuff Bracelet by katinkapinka
I'm in love...
Where would I wear it? More like, wear wouldn't I wear it??

Vintage Jeweled Steampunk Headband by TatteredTiara
Rhinestones... check. Tulle... check. Hand-dyed feathers.... check.
It's perfect!

Anzu Hairpick by bazaarLatino
I love me some polka-dotted feathers!


KatinkaPinka said...

yay! hurrah for feathers! thank you for including me amidst all these other beauties!



Hi, thanks for your kindness, what a great blog, I love the beef stew! looks yummy! :-) have a great season ahead... :-)

Autumn said...

Your blog is so lovely! Thank you for including my owl with all the other gorgeous pieces!!!