Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Can Haz Presents!

Isn't that the most GORGEOUS thing you've ever seen??!!
That's what Mom and Dad brought back from Gatlinburg for me. It's totally me! It has sparklies, beads, bling, and fiber!

I suspect this may be another attempt at encouraging me to learn to tell time. I believe that's housed in the same region of the brain as other problem-solving skills, such as driving in reverse, folding down box tops, and ripping back bad knitting. Because I fail miserably at all of the above.

I also got some super cool beads. These crackled frosted ones look like candy- yum!

Someone's excited!


Good Girls Studio said...

Beautiful watch/sparkly cuff! & those beads look like old-timey Christmas candy my Grandma used to keep in a glass bowl on the coffee table. They look good enough to eat!

Sara said...

I ADORE that watch! Man, what a perfect present! Cute beads too!

Karen said...

That watch is gorgeous! Love it! Your blog is great and I enjoyed reading it!