Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome Home Mimi and Pappy

My parents came home Sunday evening, and to welcome them back I planned to make a giant chocolate chip cookie, beautifully decorated in elegant colors.
I baked the cookie and set out all my decorating supplies. I decided to mix the frosting into pretty shades of lilac purple and rosy pink. Planning to begin with the purple, I used a few drops of light blue, then what I thought was red. Ehm... it was yellow. Now I had a quite disgusting shade of green. That's ok, we'll just stick with blue. I mixed in some more blue. It was fine.
Next I moved on to the rosy pink. I knew I had a tube of pre-made pink coloring, so I couldn't possibly mess this up, right? Yeah, except my pink was labeled "neon pink," which I discovered after stirring the frosting into a violent shade of hot pink.
Ok, so the colors are more appropriate for a baby shower, no problem. It's the thought that counts.
I filled up my piping bag and stood over the giant cookie, imagining the elegant border I would make, when I grinned an evil grin. The colors were already pretty gross, and let's face it, this isn't the world's prettiest giant cookie either. I giggled, and started drawing....

If you aren't getting the joke, you'll hafta spend the next few hours (well worth it) browsing Cake Wrecks. Enjoy!


Sara said...

lol cute cake wreck!

Bonzai Beadwear said...

lol i bet it tastes awesome!!