Friday, November 27, 2009

Favorites Friday- Lovely Lace

You know I normally have to have everything completely saturated with color, but these beautiful lace pieces looked perfect in pale!

A closer look at a few more fabulous artists inspired by lace:

The queens of lace jewelry, White Owl: Two sisters mixing up the old and new. They're already pretty popular in the blog world, with good reason! I simply could not choose just one piece for the collage- even three was tough! Definitely check out the entire shop.

Fox and Clover is Sabrina- an extremely talented (and patient!) artist using glass enamels to hand-paint intricate designs on un-recyclable reclaimed glass. She has many fantastic designs, but the lace ones caught my eye.

Lace embodied in luxury: WhiteFly casts vintage lace into solid sterling silver and 14karat gold, forever capturing every intricate detail!

And since I just couldn't pare down my jewelry choices, I included a separate collage for lace wearables and accessories!


anabela / fieldguided said...

Oh wow, what beautiful items you've gathered here! Thank you for including my lil' ol' needlebook! I love those sweet wrist warmers!

ajoeynamedroo said...

Gorgeous! You found such amazing pieces. I especially love the silver dipped cuffs. Incredible!!

Christina said...

Very very beautiful picks!!