Monday, November 16, 2009

In Loving Memory...

...Of my houseplants.

See here's the thing. I live in a slightly undesirable apartment building. It's not pretty. At all. So I do what I can with my little 3x5 foot patch of gravel. When we moved in during the spring, I invested in a few clay pots and some seeds, along with a couple flats of supposedly easy to care for plants like impatiens, marigolds, and dahlias. My seeds were for wildflowers, basil, and -you're gonna laugh- tomatoes.
Nobody told me it takes decades to get a single little tomato. Thanks, guys.

Anyway, some of them did fairly well and I was quite proud of my record of watering and upkeep. I mean, I've kept a cat alive for years and my kid looks pretty healthy, so I figured plants would be a breeze! Until we got sick.
I was horrified at the plant graveyard that greeted me when I finally stepped outside the front door after almost 2 weeks of hermit-ness. It was almost as embarrassing as my neighbor's gravel plot of beer cans and lost laundry.

So into the dumpster went all those poor neglected plants. I feel really bad. To me, plants are at the same level as fish and bugs. I feel really bad about killing them. Plus I didn't nurture and admire fish or bugs all summer.
Maybe next year I'll just put out silk flowers like the crazy Elvis lady across the parking lot.


Sara said...

Silk plants sound like a plan! My neighbors are probably horrified by my town garden bed. I put all the rabbit hay and debris from the weekend cleanup out there on it. :S

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I tried the tomato from seed thing. Bustola! Always buy the plants in the spring, you know the 5 or 6 inchers. Then you have tomatoes all summer long, impressive! ;o) Another funny post...cut yourself some slack, the plants are organic matter returning yummy goodness to the soil, they're hardly fish. No painful death march.

Hope you're feeling well these days!


Anonymous said...

P. S. Nothing says "crazy" like silk plants outdoors IMHO! LOL

SewSweetStitches said...

Ha! You guys make me laugh. I will def try tomato plants in the spring next year. I love fresh tomatoes!

The Fancy Lady said...

im so bad at keeping plants alive no matter what i do they die