Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Love For My Wife

Hello everyone, this is not the one whom you follow on this blog but her husband, who wishes to remind his wonderful wife how much I love her. So Honey, please read on and enjoy as I let you know how you make me happy and how you are my everything.

I love your sense of style
I love your ambition and creativity
I love your amused smile
I love your mischievous smile, too
I love the goofy face you make when I'm being mushy
I love when we drink tea together, no matter who makes it
I love being in the same room with you even when we're doing separate things
I love when you finish my movie quotes even though you say you won't
I love that you enjoy my character voices
I love your laugh
I love watching you enjoy time with your friends
I love that we make a good team when we do chores and errands
I love to hear you talk even when I've heard the story more than once
I love learning about you
I love when you dress up for me even when you don't always find it comfortable
I love your beautiful face
I love when you back up my decisions even when you'd rather not
I love how you ask my opinion when you make something
I love sitting and laughing with you as we look at websites about ridiculous people
I love when you show emotion, even though you don't
I love that I am married to you

Here's looking to finding more things to love about you through the years, Melissa



hotglassbabe said...

Wow Melissa! Your hubby is the dreamiest and clearly loves you LOTS! This is the sweetest thing Ive seen a man do for a woman in a very LONG time! Much continued happiness to you both! ~ Nikki

jenni said...

Seeing as how we might be sisters, separated at birth (okay, not at birth since I'm waaay older than you are), do you think you could send a clone, or at the very least an older brother of your hubby, down to Texas for me?

Sara said...

AW!!! How sweet! Was the picture at Ceasar's Creek?

debi said...

Ditto, what Nikki said, I can't believe you have a husband who even LOOKS at your blog, much less writes in it!! debi (from twitter)

Jessica said...

So sweet :)

Good Girls Studio said...

awwwww! What a sweety!

S and O said...

this is soooo sweet:) love this post!
Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you! :)