Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Music Fantastic-ness

Ever since I discovered Pandora, (pathetically late, I might add) I've discovered an abundance of music I never knew I loved. Wait.. what?
You know what I meant.

Have you guys ever heard of Regina Spektor? I discovered her through a cd club a couple years ago, and I was in love. She makes musical noises with her mouth. Ok, I know that sounds weird, but you'll just hafta listen to know what I mean. I'm a big fan of this because I've always wanted to do the beatbox thing myself. I practice sometimes, you know just in my living room or in the car. Really whenever my husband is around cuz it annoys the snot out of him. teehee.
Anyway, She's so unique. I don't know what genre her music would be, but her songs are quirky and completely interesting. So I told Pandora I like her, and they hooked me up with a channel full of this stuff. Yes, I will share.
You are welcome.

So then other extremely entertaining artists started popping up, like Kate Nash. Her voice is beautiful, and her lyrics are verrry amusing stuffs. Which brings me to my other point. British-sounding people (I don't know where she's from, but has a cool accent) are soo much fun to sing along with. Because you have to make the neat-o accent. Kinda like country music- STOP BOOING AT THE COMPUTER- You hafta sing it with a southern drawl. Loretta Lynn is my favorite when I'm in a southern accent-type mood.

Anyway, here's a link to Regina Spektor's "On The Radio," one of my favorites. Well really all her songs are my favorites! I have yet to hear one I don't like. I had such a hard time choosing one to show you, so I picked this video because it's cute.

If you have a favorite artist or Pandora station, please share!


Jessica said...

Regina Spektor does rock- I agree. Thanks for the video link, I never watch music videos so that was a fun little start to my day. Btw, why are you up at 6 am posting things on your blog?? You MUST be the head.

Sara said...

Pretty sure she schedules her blogs, like I do. Maybe it's a mommy/crafter with a little one is all in the scheduling to get everything done.

Love this blog! Lot of great links and I love Pandora!

Jesse said...

Yes, Regina Spektor and Kate Nash are both good stuff. I'll hafta share some more stuff with you :)

SewSweetStitches said...

lol Jess, yeah like Sara said I am DEFINITELY scheduling these puppies ahead of time. Cmon, I can't always be in this great of a mood, eh?

Shucks sara thanks! Your comments always make me smile.

Jesse, I'm so happy we have something musical in common besides They Might Be Giants. Makes me feel way cooler.

Jenni said...

Hey wait, didn't I tell you about Pandora?