Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Newest Favorite Project

While I was sick, I was feeling totally uncreative, so I laid in bed and cut and stitched flowers for upcoming projects. Sometimes I'll have an exciting idea of something to make, but the flower-cutting process is so long and obnoxious that by the time I get to the actual assembling part I've run out of steam. So now I have a lovely little box of flowers ready to go!

And whatd'ya know, several projects popped up that would be perfect to use up my little flower stash right away *sigh* No, it's a great thing. When I first started the shop, I really wanted to make coin purses. My first effort involved a square pouch (Gah I hate that word, but for the sake of sense-making, I'll use it. Just this time.) lined in matching hot pink satin and an invisible zipper. It failed miserably, mainly because I'm the worst sewer ever. Sew-er. Sew-ess. Whatever.

So I kinda forgot about it until I got a request for one in the same style as my "signature" cup cozies. This lady was beyond nice, and I was so excited to make something for her, so there was no way I was gonna say no.
Enter my savior: Pre-made canvas coin purses
I had seen them at the craft store awhile back and thought I could use them for something, but why it didn't click then.. I can't say. So I sent Douglas down to Joanns with a hand-drawn map of the aisles. Mission: Success.
The other great thing is that these blank canvases (hehe get it?) come in all different shapes and sizes. Cheating sew-ers rejoice! Show of hands- who wants a giant tote bag covered with crazy-colored flowers?

So now all I had to do was cover the little pouch (shudder) with a floral-embroidered skin, if you will.
The hardest part was actually the straight stitching around the top edge. Just a plain running stitch, but I badly underestimated the difficulty of making neat, even stitches through 2 layers of felt and reinforced canvas. Maybe sewing my own purse would've been easier?
So I got out the big guns -upholstery needle- and kept on truckin... er.. stitchin.

(I think I'll start calling them Pink Garden, Blue Garden, Purple Garden, etc. Cuz I plan to make them in other colors too. Feedback?)


Good Girls Studio said...

stink'n adorable! Great little stocking stuffers for the holidays!

Jessica said...

So pretty! Yes, I think those coin pouches would do great in your Etsy shop :)

Christina said...

That's beautiful! :) It looks great.

SewSweetStitches said...

Thanks y'all! After I wrote this post and took the pics, the customer decided to add the green swirly vines and tiny beaded flowers, and also the green stitching on the scalloped border. It was the right call, and I was pretty in love with it after adding that. Kicking myself for forgetting to take pictures!

Splendid Little Stars said...

nothing could be cuter!

S and O said...

What an adorable little pennie purse (see I didn't say pouc, heeheh)!! You did a great job with it Melissa, and I love the color combo so yummy:)

You know, I've been shopping Joanns for ages and I never knew they sold those little canvases, so cool. Learn something new everyday I guess:)

LipGlossAndLetDown678 said...

I love your stuff and I think these coin purses will be great for people that feel felt jewelry and hair things don't fit their style, but still think they are super cute (like me!)

Anonymous said...

Not only is this the cutest coin purse evah, what a hilarious post! Loved it, loved it all! ;o)


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