Monday, December 28, 2009

Catching Up

Things around here are about to get verrrry exciting!
But first, a look at last week- we had a dusting of snow here in Ohio. I know, I know, old news to those of you who have been snowed in! Our forecast last week was for 4-6", but we really only got wet flurries that melted by the afternoon. Still, a great reason to bundle up and take a walk!

Munchkin, like most 2-year-olds, gets ridiculously excited about a few flakes. Excited isn't even the word- shrill hysterical shrieking is more like it! She knows she only gets to wear her new princess boots in the snow, so it's extra special.

Watching her discover her own footprints in the snow for the first time, and getting hit with the most pathetic little snowball in the world- Moments like that are so sweet but also a little sad because they only happen once. The next time it snows, footprints will be old news and her snowball-making skills will be honed to a deadly force I'm sure.

BUT I do have a little something to look forward to, a very teensy tinesy little newborn something! No, not mine! Gosh!
My brother's wife is due any moment now with their first baby, a little boy! Eeeeeek! And I have the privilege of keeping him two days a week! Eeeeeeek!

AND it gets better- We'll be moving into a new apartment the first of February!
We're still in the application process currently, but if everything works out we'll only be in this sardine tin a few more weeks! The new place isn't really that much bigger, but it's well-maintained and doesn't seem to be the hive of criminal activity that our current shack is. And the part I'm most excited about is the extra bedroom that will be ALL MINE! Mwahahahahaha! Now I will cut and stitch and craft my way to global domination! Mwahahahahaha!

I will be a little sad though because we're leaving Waynesville.
And this:

Although Springboro, our new little town, has a Taco Bell! I am so giddy about this I can't even describe it.

So this will probably be a pretty unproductive month for my shop, since I'll be spending most of it picking ground-in PlayDo out of the carpet in hopes of getting our deposit back!
Anyway I can't wait to show y'all pictures of our new place and probably all the craft supplies I found packed away from the last time we moved!


Blanche and Guy Melamed said...

cute story.. kids growing up. and i know what you're feeling re: taco bell in new town. things like that get me excited, too! lol - love the snow covered berry pics. enjoy the snow for us who don't have any right now...

ElegantSnobbery said...

Aw, it is sad when the magic of something new goes away after the first time. We just had our first big snow ever (6 inches... that's major) and now my kids are bored of snow. They're only 4 and 2, so you'd think it wouldn't be old hat so soon!

So glad you get a bigger place! Such an awesome feeling, all that extra space!