Thursday, December 10, 2009


A little personal rambling:

Our apartment lease will be up in February, so we're in the midst of making a big decision about where to live. Since we're pretty unhappy with our little shack, we're definite about a change of scenery.
Our current place is in Waynesville, which is the cutest little town ever. I love living here because we can take walks to the post office and the grocery, window shopping past antique stores and little boutiques. The hilly streets are lined with gorgeous old houses of all styles, and it seems like everybody knows everybody. When I worked in the city, I remember how frustrated and keyed-up I felt after the long commute. An instant feeling of relief and calm came over me as soon as I drove into our quiet little town.
Waynesville is also special to me because it was my escape from the worst period of my life. It's the only place I know that doesn't hold some kind of painful memory. It's safe.

Of course financially, all the small town comfort in the world won't make a difference! So we're looking into a suburb about a half hour away, where I lived as a child. In fact, the very same house I grew up in is up for rent. It fits our budget and our space needs. It's close to my grandparents and my brother. His first baby is due next month, and I could babysit while his Mommy works. Not to mention all the nostalgic memories of the house. My daughter could have the same bedroom I had. I can send her to the same corner I stood in as the little troublemaker I was! We'd have the same neighbors I had 20 years ago. And a great little chinese take-out place a few blocks away!

Hmmm... sometimes getting it all out helps with a decision, no?


Sara said...

AW! As much as I love Waynesville, I think a half-hour move closer to Cinci would be divine. My commute wouldn't be such a killer. I'm curious which suburb you grew up in. I've been in Waynesville since '88. I dream of moving, but I'm pretty sure I'll be buried in the Waynesville cemetary. I'm okay with that. Good luck with the move! Did you check the duplex's up by the school/Baptist church? Adamsmoor Road and that neighborhood? They are newer and if I remember right, the rent isn't too steep.

SewSweetStitches said...

I grew up in Kettering. The duplex's in the area you're talking about are $900-$1200! Crazy. Although there are some apts right there behind the bank that I still want to check into. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Alway helps....good for you!

Sara said...

Jeesh. That is crazy! I thought they were 600-800. They were when we moved into the neighborhood in 2003. That is what 6 years will do. There are also apartments off of 4th Street. The next street over from the library. Also apartments on Fairfield Drive. Not trying to keep you in Waynesville, I just know that it is hard to find out what apartments are for rent since the advertising is pretty minimum. Word of mouth seems to be how people find houses/apartments to rent in Waynesville.

Kettering is nice. Great community. Either way, I think you will be happy. Good luck!