Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crazy for Cath

Cotton Duck

I'm sorry, but I must veer slightly off the handmade path for just a moment. Since we'll soon be moving to a new apartment, my mind is full of decorating fluff, even though I know we can't afford it. If it makes you feel better, this stuff was inspired by handmade, right? According to Wikipedia, Cath started out in her own tiny shop selling fabric and painted furniture. And look at her now!
I hate to get on any decorating bandwagon, but I absolutely adore Cath Kidston and for the most part would be thrilled to have my home covered in this stuff.
So I was shopping for a 2010 planner (I'm obsessed with planners, and very picky) when amazon suggested hers.
It's soooo pretty. And from there I was browsing her website and, well, I went a little crazy.
Please bear with me.

Ok first off, I want to recover all my upholstered furniture with these fabrics, and make matching pillows and curtains:

fabric page

And then I'd paint every stick of furniture a bright glossy color! Maybe even decoupage the kitchen cabinets with fabric? Don't think the landlord would appreciate that though.

And of course Cath's prints make beautiful accessories, including TONS of bags from which I'd never be able to choose. A lot of them come in oilcloth too. I love oilcloth!

accessories page

I think any of those bags would be great for knitting, but Ms Kidston has that covered already:

Knitting bag PVC-covered cotton!
This is actually a Nintendo DSL case, but I think it would be perfect for knitting accessories!

Floral thread tin includes 12 thread spools

House Sewing Basket omigosh have you ever seen anything so cute??

Wouldn't these mugs be so much fun to use for your morning coffee?

mugs page

Speaking of kitchen stuff, this is really cute too, although I have no idea why I would want to shake flour:

I had this book from the library renewed like three times because I put it on my "coffee" table and pretended it was mine. It looked so pretty!

More books, address books, notebooks, and *swoon* cowboy stationery:

books page

Now I'm not saying every single room would look like this. Well, almost. I have other style plans for the bathroom.
But that will be another post. I'm sure you're all dying to hear about my bathroom, right?


ElegantSnobbery said...

I like you more and more each day, Melissa. I'm a Cath Kidston nut... don't actually have any of her stuff - a little too pricey for my pathetic budget - but I've ... how do you say copy nicely? Replicated? Been inspired by?? ... a lot of her stuff in items for myself. Her catalog makes my heart go pitter pat. I LOVE CATH!!

Jessica said...

Beautiful stuff! I had never heard of Cath Kidston before. I can see why you love it though.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for another site that I can stalk online...beautiful stuff. I want to get my hands on some of those coffee mugs.

Good Girls Studio said...

you are soo cute! The prints are adorable! Glossy painted furniture wouldn't be too expensive of quick change...but you might have to buy just a few of her accessories...did santa not bring you any!?! ;)

Emom said...

Oooooo....I love it all...thank you for sharing! smiles.