Friday, December 18, 2009

Favorites Friday: Make A Statement

I love statement necklaces, specifically the ones made out of fabric roses, beads, and vintage bling. As you can see from my own fabric rose hair clip, my rose-making skills need a little help. It's been driving me nuts all week and when I took a nap this afternoon I even had a dream that I started a second etsy shop selling fabric rose jewelry. I woke up really excited, itching to get out my whole quirky fabric stash and get to work. And then I remembered I already have one shop I'm struggling to stock and a boutique I've been promising items to for months.
Nevertheless, I couldn't resist taking a look around to see what everyone else is doing with their fabric roses and see if maybe my crazy dream-induced idea could add something to the market. I think my idea is good, but my skill level is something entirely different. I'm willing to learn, though, and soon we'll be moving to an apartment with [hopefully] my own craft room, so at least I'll have the space to try something new. We'll see.

In the meantime, join me in longingly admiring these jaw-dropping works of wearable art from some very talented ladies!

If it's possible to have just one most-favorite shop of all of etsy, this might be it! What is it about these pieces that really stand out to me? The roses are completely perfect, probably due to the careful "needle sculpting" that goes into each one. Nicole, the designer, is completely sweet and I just adore her style!

This shop has unique-shaped roses, and I love the big beads and bits of lace. Fabulous color combinations too!

"Inspired by romanticism and elegance, Bejewelled Bespoke pieces are bold and lavish. Expect original and unique designs, that are both timeless and wearable at very reasonable prices." -Trish, the designer of these ultra-glamorous pieces. Her shop is full of stylish statement accessories, including lace jewelry! Eeek!

I love this shop's unique color combinations and all the different kinds of fabric used. And the bridal bouquets- sooo cute! They even offer a fabric rose tutorial for sale that I definitely plan on investing in.

To me, Coco Boudoir is the ultimate in demure femininity- lots of pearls, pretty colors, and dainty blossoms. I love the round shape of the headbands, too. They remind me of those tiny old-fashioned hats that were worn off to the side. Erin, the designer, sounds like a lovely person and was even featured on Martha Stewart! Wow!
Oh, and be sure to check her shop for THE most adorable embellished shoes!


Good Girls Studio said...

I love them all & have been thinking up ways to add them into my designs..if only I could make them properly! Mine always end up looking like a wadded up sock!

Anonymous said...

I ADORE these! I need them.