Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mommy Drama

Mommy Drama can come in many forms: Projectile vomit, projectile everything, announcing loudly to a crowded room that Mommy made a big potty...

Lastnight Mommy Drama was a trip to the emergency room, courtesy of Daddy Roughhousing.
What do Mommies always tell Daddies? (Besides that...)
We screech, "Don't toss her in the air like that!" or "Don't swing her around!"
This time Mommy was right.

Daddy was swinging Munchkin around by the arms, when suddenly she started screaming and holding her left wrist. I cuddled her on the sofa until she calmed down, and then attempted a diagnosis. Basically I poked around on her arm until she screamed again, when my finger jabbed the inside of her wrist. So off to the E.R. we went.

After a 4-hour wait and some trauma-inducing x-rays, Munchkin had an accident. In her pants. With all the rushing around on our way out the door, we completely forgot to bring any spares or a change of clothes.

Thankfully, a kind nurse took pity on us and improvised:

She cut off the bottoms of a pair of adult scrub pants and cinched the waist tightly!

When the doctor finally came close to 11pm, she was already pretty crabby and exhausted. But I was so proud of my little girl for how polite she was while he examined her arm. She was obviously in pain, but all she said was, "pweease don't hewt mah awm!"
I almost cried as much as she did when he popped her elbow back into place.
But then he handed her a peace offering of a grape popsicle, and she was fine. She instantly forgot about her "hewt awm" and hopped down out of the wheelchair.

When we left the hospital room and exited through the waiting room, a symphony of "Awwwww"s followed us. She did look pretty cute in her scrubs!

So it turned out to be just "nursemaid elbow," nothing serious. The nurse told me that it happens to her little girls quite often, and she just pops it back in herself. I can't imagine doing it to my own child, but if it saves her a 5-hour ordeal at the hospital, I'd better toughen up!


Anonymous said...

What a scare! I remember the ONE time I had to take mine to the hospital I was worried sick! She took a spill into a bathroom vanity after a bath (while she was still all slippery) and got a cut under her eyebrow.

Glad your little one is alright. Guess Daddy learned his wesson, wight? ;o)

Jessica said...

AW! Poor Carly :( One of my parents popped my arm out the socket when I was three or four. My mom said it was so sad because my arm just hung there all limp. I don't remember it at all, so that's good. But I DO remember begging my dad to throw me into the air and not catch me. Why would he agree to do that? I had to go to the ER for a badly sprained ankle. Fun times. I can't wait to see how we mess up our kid!

SewSweetStitches said...

@Loren- Only one time!? This makes like the 4th time for mine, and she's only 2! Uh-oh! Oh and yeah no more horsin around! It's all fun and games till someone pops an elbow out!

@Jess- He really did it??? Oh wow. Don't worry, I don't picture Jesse as the type to roughhouse with your kid. Much more likely to squish off his finger with a big rock. Get it??

ElegantSnobbery said...

LOL, what cute pants!! I've always heard that scrubs are the most comfortable pants... I'm sure she loved them!!

Gracie had an ER visit filled with x-rays and all sorts of screaming when she was 15 months... nursemaids elbow. ARGH. She got hers from throwing herself down on the ground (while I was holding her hand) when she didn't want to leave the park. Yes, I felt bad, but it kinda served her right!! That's what I say now... at the time I was freaking out. Major Momma Drama!!

S and O said...

eessh that's gotta be nerve wracking sitting there for FOUR hours!!!
Glad it was not anything serious!

Your little munchkin is soooo cute in those pictures! You know, she could be starting a trend with those puffy little pants, adorable!

Happy New Year! I like your blog's new look:)


msbelle said...

OMG!!I can't imagine! I tell my husband all the time to be careful, be careful, not so hard! He plays rough with our son who is 8 tomorrow, and usually something happens and he starts crying, runs off and hides. It's usually his head that's been bonked. :( Daddy's never learn.

I hope she does well after having all this. You've got a wonderful little cutie pie there!