Sunday, January 10, 2010


Isn't recreation supposed to be fun?

DH and I decided to buy a couple puzzles that we could do together. Sounds fun, right?
Here's what we picked out:

Cute, right?

It started out fine. We settled down with a pizza, lots of fattening snacks, and cream soda.

With the edge pieces together, the corners started to fill in...

...And so did frustration.
Up until now it was pretty fun. But hours of deliberating between pieces of a blue-ish jacket and pieces of a brown-ish jacket can really spoil it.

It sat like that for almost a week. Neither of us wanted to do the dirty work to finish the suits or the wall.
But we also wanted our dining room table back. So DH finally buckled down and finished it:

That was the most un-relaxing form of recreation ever! I mean, it was just torture! Hours of sitting still, being forced to fit the pieces in exactly right- Gahhh!
And then my dad visited, saw the puzzle, and laughed! He and Mom are doing one too, but with a mountain scene and tons of tiny little flowers.
Puzzles are not for me!


Jessica said...

Hehe-looks like fun!

Violet Bella said...


thanks for the comment! that thing around my neck is a necklace i made from an antique doily! i love it so much. i havent put it in my shop yet b/c i love it so much, but if you want i can make you a listing for it. it would be $42. just let me know if you are interested :)

peace and love,

ElegantSnobbery said...

Did you brush a layer of glue over it and stick it in a frame a la tacky 70's puzzle art? :D I totally would.

Christina said...

The puzzle is very cute. That is funny! I haven't tried a big puzzle in awhile. I know what you mean though, after awhile it's just not fun haha.

SewSweetStitches said...

@Marisa- haha! I did consider it, I really do love that illustration! Meh

Good Girls Studio said...

Not fun at all! Every time my son & I sit down to do one I end up sending it to the trash can :)

ThreadRare said...

Too bad it wasn't fun, because it's a really cute puzzle scene! Where did you find it?

SewSweetStitches said...

The mall, in one of those kiosks for games you only see around the holidays