Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow, McBeer, and Cellulite

It's snowing!

My poor husband came home sick from work, which is a pretty big deal because he's NEVER sick. And even if he is sick, he won't admit it. So he must be feeling pretty bad.
And what do we crave when it's snowing and we're sick?

Since we live in a really small town, we're pretty limited when it comes to dessert. Well, very limited since the two choices are McD's or Subway. And only one of those offers milkshakes.

Now when it comes to ice cream, I'm super picky and refuse to eat mostly anything not labeled Ben & Jerry's. But for whatever reason, I don't discriminate when it comes to milkshakes. Also, we're suckers for seasonal flavors. And McD's just so happened to have an eggnog-flavored shake on the menu.
It was ok.

So then I was looking around online for other interesting milkshake flavors, thinking I could concoct my own. I got sidetracked by a mention of McD's in England making Cadbury Creme McFlurries and Rolo milkshakes. My mouth waters just thinking about it....
And did you know McD's in Germany serves beer? I can't even imagine what that would be like- McBeer!

Oh and I found a blog called Donuts4Dinner (the title hooked me right away!) I'm pretty jealous about the Burger Kings they have that serve cupcake milkshakes complete with frosting and sprinkles!

Well, maybe it's a really good thing I haven't seen them around here yet- This is what I feel like when I button my jeans:

Maximum capacity attained and exceeded

So... anyone know any calorie-free milkshake recipes?


Jesse said...

I will always champion UDF as the finest purveyor of milkshakes & other delicious dairy sundries. And while I doubt they're entirely calorie-free, their low fat malt & shake line are only 3g of fat per 16oz serving, which really isn't that bad (and they taste nearly as good as the real thing).

UDF Peanut Butter shake with chocolate milk FOR. TEH. WIN.

Emom said...

Me and the cat have a strange idea of how big our behinds are...smiles.