Friday, July 31, 2009

Favorites Friday!

We're nearing the end of summer, but here's a style that will work now and on into fall: youarefinedesigns! Nicole's "art inspired by nature" features earth notes and organic materials- perfect boho style for jeans or dress-up.

Here are a few of my favorites from her Etsy shop:

I absolutely adore this funky orange bracelet- so unique! Oh what a perfect gift this would make ME! hehe

And here's something lovely I found on the sold page.. better act quick folks!

ps. Aren't her photos just fantastic?!


I routinely get emails from DSW featuring the latest shoe trends, sales, etc. I keep telling myself I'll unsubscribe, because it's like being on the donut-of-the-day mailing list for someone on a diet! But I don't. I mean, what if I suddenly become rich but am still wearing gross shoes because I wasn't keeping up with the trends? Tragic...

Here are a few of my recent favs:

And check these out- Skechers Shape Ups- they're sneakers that give you a work-out while you walk! I know Victoria's Secret had something similar a while back, but they were flip-flops. Meh.

These are some stylin sneaks!

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Feature: Mommy Monday!

So here I'd like to share my findings from Etsy for super chic moms. It might be something sweet for your baby, a treat for you, (the one who went through childbirth right) or a unique idea to make your life as a mommy a bit easier or prettier!

Sooo first up I'd like to introduce Apples Love Oranges. She's a K-8 art teacher who adores her students. Take a look around her adorable shop. Like the name, it's fresh, bright, and fun. Need a baby shower gift? Give something unique, handmade and personalized- she offers custom orders. She even has sizes up to 4T!
Here are a few of my favorites from her shop!

The Vintage Button Score of The Century...

...Or at least the summer. Actually I found these 2 jars at a garage sale a few summers ago and they've been hiding in the Craftcrap ever since. I've only sorted through one of the jars (the colorful one, of course.) All of them look seriously old, some were even crumbled into little pieces and some are very rusty. They'll all need a good cleanup, but they've got me itching to craft!

These two say "Sweet Ore" and "Washington Dee Cee". Doncha just love the little birdies on the wire? So sweet!
Here are some details of some of my other favs. This pink art deco one is huge! It would make a great brooch, or necklace... er something. I know I should let these go to some Etsian who could really make something cool with them, but I can't give them up!

These are so rusty, I wonder how old they are. Some of the softer colors will be great for my whimsical hairclips. I can picture the fancier ones on collage jewelry or as the middle of a feather hair fascinator. I love those things!

I can't believe what a great deal I got on these buttons- $3 per jar! Even the jars were neat- one is Atlas with a glass lid, and the other is a Ball "Perfect Mason" jar with a ceramic-lined lid. There are a few more detailed photos at my flickr page. If anyone knows anything about these older buttons please let me know!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Feature: Favorites Friday!

So I figured I'd spread the Etsy love and feature a seller from my Etsy favorites list each week. First up is Melanie who makes laser cut acrylic jewelry- very unique! Here are just a few of the lovelies from her shop...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Silence Means Nothing Good

It started out as a good morning. I slept in a luxurious extra 45 minutes, dressed in comfy pants and flat shoes, and packed my little Care Bear Cousins tin vintage lunchbox with a plethora (oh yeah) of craft supplies. The baby awoke in an affectionate mood, and we cuddled on Mommy's "speshul banklet" for a few minutes. I hummed as I packed the lunches, all was going well.
But just then, a cold dread gripped me. Right in the gut. No, it wasn't poo. It was the terrifying sound of.... Silence.
I dropped the carton of Dora yougurt and ran to the bedroom, (thankfully in comfy flats) hoping it wasn't too late. It was. My precious little angel had gotten into my vanity and applied -what seemed to a 2 year old- makeup. What's so bad about a bit of makeup? Nothing, unless the 2 year old had mistaken FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL CREAM as such! I don't even know where this came from, first off *cough*cough* But the tube is shaped like lipstick. Why she thought this creamy white "lipstick" should be slathered across her eyelids though, will remain a mystery.
I screamed, she screamed- although not for the same reason. I was picturing my toddler without eyelashes. She was just scared of Mommy. I rushed her to the bathroom, where I attempted to wipe it out of her eyes as she flailed like someone being tortured. I consulted the Spanish-English dictionary for the translation of "hair removal cream" (which, ridiculously, was not included.)
The babysitter would just have to figure it out on her own.
After work, I was relieved to pick up a child with a beautiful full set of lashes. I sat down at the computer to blog about my funny little mishap and pat myself on the back for avoiding the emergency room, just like one of those good moms. Then I hear it...
I turn around, too late to stop her from squeezing the rest of the tube (that I had stupidly left open on the vanity) into her mouth. After another round of screeching and washcloth torture, I gave her a full glass of milk. I hope that's what you're supposed to do after eating a tube of Nair. The package didn't say anything about accidental, or intentional, ingestion. Shouldn't the Nair people know that packaging dangerous cream to look like a lipstick tube is just asking for trouble? Clearly this is not my fault. It's not like anything like this has ever happened before...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


So I settle down in front of the tv (which I'm able to do b/c Pappy has taken the wee-un to McD's) with a frozen burrito (after I cooked it!) and a bowl of Peanut Butter n Chip ice cream to gloat over Jason being kicked off "So You Think You Can Dance." His solo wasn't hateful but it was dog poo compared to Philip. But a chunk of chocolate and refried beans (kidding) almost shot out of my mouth when Nigel announced it would be Philip, NOT stinky Jason, who would be cut!

Ok, so Philip wasn't quite getting the hang of the other styles. But we all know Jason will never make it to #1, so why not be entertained a few weeks longer by P's phenomenal style?? I mean, did you see his face?! DID YOU SEE??!! It was heartbreaking. Jason would've cried like a girl. And P had the best Goodbye Speech ever! Anyway check out his slick moves. Yeah, I said slick.

Ok I can't figure out how to get the stinkin video ON the darn page, so you'll just hafta click the link. I'm practicing this move. In my living room. It's hot. And I don't mean the temperature.

At least I can get you a pic. Incase you didn't know who Philip Chbeeb is. Sheesh...
Look at those eyes!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My First Blog!

Ok, so I just came back from an evil site called Twitter. I thought this would be the simplest way to make new online friends and shamelessly promote my new online shop. Only now I feel old and un-hip. *sigh*
Well I didn't get very far with this- Carly is stomping her little foot (clad in my black stilettos) demanding "wafoos" for dinner. *Slogs off to kitchen to prepare for the inevitable mess that will be created by syrup and peanut butter...*

....*6 hours later*....

I convinced her frozen pizza rolls would be soo much tastier than waffles made from scratch *ahem* as you can see here, she agrees:

So then my absolute favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, comes on. It's her favorite too- she loves to try to match every move they do. Which is getting a little too saucy, really. I watch the dances, and craft through the judge comments and commercials. Here's what I finished tonight:

It's a coffee cup cozy! With bluebirds and blueberries. I'm taking a poll to see if it appears that the birds are eating the berries or if the berries are poo, from the previous bird.
Ok so my first blog post and I've successfully said the word poo. My work here is done teehee