Tuesday, January 5, 2010


He's here!!!
My sister-in-law had her beautiful baby lastnight at 9:22. Amazing isn't even close to describing it.
When my brother first told me they were going all-natural, I was a bit skeptical. But our local hospital has a special center for natural births, and the rooms are so cool. They are designed to look like a homey bedroom, complete with hot tub. Also they're large enough to fit all the equipment needed to take care of the baby so that he never needs to leave the room. When the nurses would normally take him away to give him a bath and shots and do all the testing, he gets to stay in the room for all that. Pretty cool.
I couldn't believe how awesome my SIL did with the labor and delivery. About 8:50pm we heard the hard work beginning, and at 9:22 we heard baby cries! Well, more like baby screeching- that kid has one healthy set of lungs! The doctor didn't even get there for another 45 minutes. I was so proud!
He's so sweet, and smart already! Instead of crying for food, he told his mommy exactly what he wanted in expressive little shrieks. And he was such a little trooper during his bath and shots. I can't wait to burp him. I loved burping my baby, once I got the hang of it!

Anyway, here are some preliminary cellphone pictures that I stole from my mom's blog:

I spent most of the evening with teary eyes, partly because of my beloved SIL's pain, partly because I was so happy, and partly because I wanted another baby. But then my mom reminded me how much diapers cost.
When I finally got home and plopped my head on my nice fluffy pillow in my warm soft bed, I drifted off to sleep a peaceful night with no hungry babies to wake me up. And I totally changed my mind about the second baby idea!

I can't wait to bombard you guys with more fantastic photos!


Sara said...

AW! Congrats! I'm guessing MV is where she went. The natural birthing area there is amazing. So glad everything went so well!

Anonymous said...

YAY! So happy to hear that all went well and all are doing great. I have only been present for 1 birth(I video taped it),and let me tell you, I cried ALOT.


Good Girls Studio said...

Ahhh...sweet baby! Why the interest in burping?? How about bottling the yummy new born scent & selling it! It's like crack :) Congrats!

Joyce said...

wow that natural birthing section sounds nice! wish they have that around here.

congrats to you and your family~!

Christina said...

Congratulations! He is a cutie and I am sure your whole family is so happy to welcome him!