Monday, January 25, 2010


Yesterday I began going through The Craft Closet to sort and organize before packing everything up. Who knew I had like three gigantic boxes stuffed full of fabric?? Fabric I don't even remember buying, fabric I could swear little textile elves came along and deposited when I wasn't looking. I definitely foresee a second shop in my future!
Anyway, I also came across stacks of sketchbooks from when I was in high school. That's pretty much all I ever did in class- doodle. And give my friends "tattoos." I really wanted to be a tattoo artist, but I can't imagine enjoying drawing skulls and naked women.

I definitely had a thing for the art of India, mainly henna designs.

The rest of my family is really good at drawing things as they appear in real life. Give them a beautiful landscape or a still-life and they can draw an accurate representation. Me, not so much. The pencil eye (in the first picture at the top) is really the only thing I've ever done that looks semi-realistic. I'd love to be able to just look at something and replicate it on paper, but it just doesn't work! Anyway, to me drawing is more fun when I go at it unplanned. Just pick a spot in the middle of the page and let it flow from the middle out.

This was a piece I started for my first husband.
See, the center blocks said "I heart U", and I was going to completely cover the page in intricate designs so that the blocks would be a secret hidden message.

But then we got divorced. Sooo... I didn't finish it.

I also liked experimenting with other designs, like folk art, celtic knots, and ancient chinese illustration. Maybe someday I'll start a third (Fourth? Fifth?) shop selling stationery, artwork, and cards?

I haven't drawn in years, and pretty much forgot I ever liked it. Definitely something I'd like to get back into eventually!


Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh you should! get back into it! These are wonderful!!!

janet said...

Wow!!! you are really good...ever think about a cool paper goods line or fabulous stationary??

ElegantSnobbery said...

OMG, how fantastic!! An illustration and stationary line would be incredible! Your work is gorgeous.

Jessica said...


Sara said...

Your work is amazing! Definitely a line of stationary should be in your future shops. Just gorgeous! I'm a little jealous. I wish I could draw, but even my doodles look third gradish.

jenni said...

Holy cow, lady!!!! Where have you been hiding that gorgeous stuff!!!! LICENSE IT ASAP!!!!!!

Heather Kent's Art said...

Beautiful, Melissa! What talent and patience you have! - Heather