Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Resemblance


The pair on the left is me and my brother when he was born. On the right is my daughter and my brother's son! (Wow- isn't that weird to say/type? "My brother's son") My dad took both of these pictures, aren't they sweet?

I truly think my brother's birth is my very first memory. I even remember getting a Big Sister sticker from the nurse. Aww!

What's your first memory?


Good Girls Studio said...

What sweet pictures! You & your daughter are adorable, same little noses & lips :) first memory....probably something about my brother trying to dismember my Barbie dolls ;) or we you asking for something sweet? My mom owned her own baking business when we were young'uns & I very distinctly remember pilfering chocolate chips from her huge baking stash!

joanniel creations said...

So adorable. I have a photo of me and my brother asleep in the same bed and our heads are turned the same way. My mom turned on the lights in the middle of the night and took a photo. It's really cool to have that photo now that we are both adults.