Monday, January 4, 2010

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Question asked by a man:
"Does it hurt to give birth?"

Answer given by hundreds of women via this thread . Thanks CakeWrecks!
My favorites:

"Nope not at all. All the horror stories you hear are just women who don't want anyone else to experience the wonderful feeling of floating on a cloud while the trumpets play glorious music while angels sing around them !"

"Like having a semi truck drive sideways through you"

"I can't believe you can be in that much pain and not die from it."

"Ok. You stand across the room and let your wife tasser you in the abdomen every 15 min for about 7 hours. Then every 5 min for another 4hours. Then every 3min until you just about pass out. Oh, then just as you are falling asleep, she will wake you up every two hours for a week to feed the baby."

Yep, that about sums it up!
I thought this post would be appropriate since my brother's baby will be born today! And while we wait, here are some pictures of my own bundle of joy, born almost three years ago.

Why are they holding my baby like that??!!

See how blue she was? This is because during delivery, her umbilical cord burst and so deprived of oxygen, she was ripped from my body.

The truth is I think the recovery was the worst part. Ripped so bad I couldn't pee for weeks without cursing. Oh and I didn't have a let-down reflex, so I couldn't nurse. But that didn't stop my body from making enough milk to feed a small country. Who knew milk could back up into your armpits? I'd say that was the most painful part. And no, sitting around for hours plastered with hot cabbage does not help. It just makes you stinky! I still can't smell cabbage without shuddering.

But here she is a couple months later, healthy and happy!

Baby in a robe

Yeah... so... off to see my sister-in-law!
And when I see that precious little thing and get the urge to have another, I'll refer back to this post!


Anonymous said...

YAY For Jess n Jesse!! So excited!

Sara said...

You have a beautiful baby, then and now. Good luck to your brother and SIL. And as I'm sure someone has said to you, "The second one is easier." :S

Laura said...

Too cute...I ditto many of those responses! Precious babe you have there Melissa~congrats on the new baby!

Hello there! My name is June said...

No matter what we go through... when we look into those precious eyes... it was all worth it! She is just absolutely beautiful!