Saturday, January 16, 2010

Paper Snowflakes

papersnow (6)

I used to work at a credit card company, as a customer service rep (yeah, I know... But that's another post.) I always worked holidays, which was fine with me because calls were always slow and I was free to knit or stitch in peace- without the temptation to stab myself with my own knitting needles after explaining for the zillionth time what interest is.
Seriously, IQ tests on credit card applications- A good idea.

One Thanksgiving it was so slow that I finished my knitting project and was so bored that I spent the rest of the day cutting paper snowflakes.

papersnow (5)

I've kept them ever since, meaning to preserve them and hang them up every winter.

papersnow (3)

papersnow (2)

papersnow (1)


If you love paper snowflakes, you must go see the flickr groups devoted to them. People are amazing! Seriously, who can cut a perfect horse freehand on top of a snowflake? These people.


Violet Bella said...

i love your snowflakes! wow, those horse ones were pretty amazing! but honestly, i like yours better :)

i would say that is a nice way to pass the time!

gasparino6 said...

Scissors must be in the air because I just cut out 50 butterflies - at least I had lines !!!

I agree with Violet Bella - I like yours better !