Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun at Ikea

If you've never been to an Ikea, this is what it looks like. It's like the size of 10 Walmart Supercenters put together. It has an escalator.
It's truly exhausting!

BUT it does have a play area for kids. Well, if you're really shopping you can check your kid into a supervised play area and pick them up before you leave. Well, that last part is up to you I guess. Haha.
The toy department is lots of fun. They've got all the products out for the kids to romp around on. It's actually a great place to go on a rainy day when your kid is driving you nuts!

And when the kids [you] are completely worn out, you can stop at the Ikea restaurant!

More play areas for the kids... These people are geniuses!

And the meatballs! Ohh the meatballs! Indescribably delicious!

Did someone say cake??!!

They do have delicious chocolate cake with mousse filling, but today the munchkin chose the almond pastry:

Aaaand this is pretty much what you'll want to do before you head home!


janet said...

Were those Swedish meatballs?????? I love those. Munchkin looked like she had a blast.

Violet Bella said...

ha, that is so cute. i LOVE ikea! oh i wish they would put one in closer to me!

Sara said...

I've been there several times and never tried the meatballs. Must return. :D Love the picture of her wide-eyed. ADORABLE!

Christina said...

I also can't resist getting the swedish meatballs meal every time I eat there(not that often). Our closest Ikea only opened last summer, in Tampa an hour away. I was so happy! I agree it is exhausting, in a fun way! We usually eat before shopping, so we have sustenance to make it through haha. Then since we are done hours later (it always ends up to be hours somehow) we grab a snack at the exits. :P

Anonymous said...

I love LOVE IKEA....I only wish that we had them when my son (now 21) was a small one....smiles.

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Ikea is so much fun! Love it.