Friday, February 26, 2010

Mini Makeovers

Yeah, I forgot to take a "before" picture.
This is a mirror my mom has had for as long as I can remember, and it was a dark hunter green. I guess it would've looked ok as is, but I wanted it to really pop against the turquoise walls in my living room.

And of course I got tomato red spray paint on my new Gap jeans. I don't normally buy expensive name brand jeans, but they were half off at the outlet mall. The "curvy" fit is really nice. (I'll be sure to include a picture of my butt in them later) Anyway, my keyboard also looks like someone was murdered while typing hehe.

You can't take a picture without me!

Yay! It turned out great, and I'm really happy with the colors. Now if only I can get that last shelf put up above the sofa!

And another little touch-up in the bathroom- These prints I ordered from Lauri on etsy:

Soooo pretty! She has tons of beautiful photos, it was so hard to choose.

I'm trying not to go overboard with painting the walls of our apartment, because I'm going to hate re-painting them white if/when we move out. But it's such a cheap way to add a ton of color! I'm itching to do the bathroom walls pale pink, and then use watered-down silver acrylic paint to apply some kind of metallic texture treatment.

Here's a glimpse of the style I'm going for. Tarnished silver, pale pink, and minty green. Does anyone know how to do the wall treatment I'm talking about, or have any advice on what kind of paint/materials to use? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Well anyway tomorrow I'm going to Trendy Bindi to drop off some consignment items, so I'd better get crack-a-lackin on making them! Have a great day everybody!


janet said... are a brave soul..spray painting in the living room!

Good Girls Studio said...

I am no help with painting techniques as I always have grand plans of painting when I move into a new place & then never do because of what a pain it will be when I move out :) (hence, yellow kitchen paint under my sink & not on the walls) Love the red against the turquoise!

Lauri's Photography said...

thanks so much for sharing what you did with my spring prints! I love it!