Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Officially A Toddler

Which is kind of sad. I miss the baby chub, the baby smell, the baby sounds.
A chronological trip down memory lane in honor of my baby turning 3 years old *sniff*...

Jammin' with Papaw

Bathtime makes me happy!!!

Sitting in a Chair

Baby in a robe

Carly in her swing

I'm With the Band

Grandma Rocks

Punk Carly

Sleeping Sweetie

Having fun at GG's

Sunshiny Day

Look she can hold her own cup awww

Carly-sized rocking chair




AND as a thank you/reward for suffering through dozens of photos of someone elses kid, I present to you... a giveaway!


Up for grabs is a Simplicity dress pattern sized for babies 7 pounds to 24 pounds. Also included is a soft flannel-ish cotton, perfect for spring, and three sets of matching plastic flower buttons. How much fabric is there, you ask? I don't know honestly, and I don't want to unfold it to find out. Truth is, I bought this when I was pregnant with my Chiclet and never got around to making it. And all my friends insist on producing baby boys. SO I'm passing it on! (Please note, this comes from a cat-friendly home!)
To be entered in the giveaway, just leave a comment and be sure to include your email address! The winner will be chosen randomly on Thursday, February 25th.


Jesse said...

Awwww! Great idea to post these chronologically. Man, it's crazy how much she's changed! I wonder how Felix will look when he's 3 :)

(PS don't enter me into the contest =))

Good Girls Studio said...

Soo adorable! She is full of Sass with that sparkling smile! They grow up so fast {sigh}!
~*~*~* H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y Sweet Girl*~*~*

Sara said...

Loved the pictures! She's an adorable little girl. I thought to myself the other day "They are getting big, they no longer wear onesies." Great blog and great giveaway!

Aubrey said...

Aww, she is super cute, I love the pics! I have a preggo friend that this would be perfect for, so I hope I win! Thanks!

Kate and Oli said...

she was a super cute baby and now she's a beautiful little girl! congrats and happy birthday to your sweet girl :)

Katie (kateandoli from swap-bot)

The Fam said...

I produced a baby girl last spring, I'd totally use it! :O)

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Stephanie said...

I don't have kids and even I thought that the pictures were so cute. A lot of my friends are having boys too, but my brother insists on having nothing but girls.


Lisa said...

I think she's past the toddler stage now. I hate to break it to you, but I think you have a (gasp!) preschooler!!!

SewSweetStitches said...

@Mom: Blasphemy!

SewSweetStitches said...

@everyone else: Thanks!