Thursday, February 25, 2010

Simple Is Better

I will admit, I get just as giddy over the glittery, hot pink-packaged girly toys as the next gal. But when it comes to holding the attention of a toddler for longer than five minutes, the simple toys win every time.

This wooden train set is so cute! The track pieces snap together easily, and the little painted cars are magnetic for easy maneuvering by tiny fingers. Every time we go to Ikea we end up taking home another extension set! For some reason it makes me feel good to buy toys like this for my kid. I think she can use her imagination and keep herself busy with this for years to come. Plus they won't break and are easy to clean! Oh and they develop fine motor skills and logical thinking. (Ok, so I got that last part off the product description. It sounds official.)

Here are some handmade quality toys I found on etsy, too cute!

This cracks me up. A wooden roast chicken complete with carving knife. And the pieces actually come apart! Overwhelmingly cute. SS Woodcraft even has toys for the Daddy's Girl:

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as this breakfast set by ForeverAfters? What kid wouldn't love strips of wooden bacon?? And check out the precious little sewing set- I could never choose!

How darling is this bedroom playset by Raptor Baby! Look at the detail of the little book and flowerpot- Awwww! And check out the robot and rocket, how creative!

I think my little girl and I would fight over these toys, so cute!


Sara said...

Love the simple things. And wooden is all the better. Great finds on Etsy!

janet said...

I've always loved simple wooden toys. Lets face it our kids could spent hours playing with the box the TV came in (not todays flat screen)

Tara said...

definitely with you on simple toys. my 19 month old is absolutely captivated with her nuchi train (it's just like that one in the picture) - and i love that she has toys to play with that encourage the healthy development of her imagination. it's SO important that children play with toys of natural materials and characters that aren't licensed.