Saturday, February 20, 2010

Supporting [Young] Handmade

Lookie what I got in the mail!

It's a fused-glass magnet made by Madison of Leaping Lizard. Isn't it pretty?! Madison is 11 years old and she must get her creative talent from her grandma Jo Ann of Down To Earth Pottery (remember the awesome pottery ring?) and her mom Kristine of Maddie Bee's.

I plan to use my new magnet on my dry erase board schedule!

Don't you love seeing the younger folks with their own etsy shops? If only there had been etsy when I was a kid!


janet said...

I would have loved it...I was selling crocheted handbags in Jr. High!

Good Girls Studio said...

So cute! Maybe I should put The Boy to work :)

Down To Earth News said...

Thanks so much for mention. Isn't it great that Etsy is there for young and the OLD.


Anonymous said...

She is pretty incredible!
Thank you for sharing with us.