Sunday, February 21, 2010

WHY is My Keyboard Covered in Powdered Sugar?

Oh yeah... that could be why.
After our meeting today (Bible study) Chiclet decided she wanted a donut. And since she was an especially good girl all afternoon, we decided to give in. Because you know, it was a huge inconvenience to her father and I to pick out delicious, sugary, creamy donuts.

I chose chocolate cream, and she got (of course) sprinkles. Oh and I also got a COCONUT HOT CHOCOLATE! I cannot even describe to you the yumminess of coconut hot chocolate. Like coconut M&Ms, or coconut Snickers*.
Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how thin you are) the Dunkin Donuts is not very close to our house. So I'm not at a huge risk of packing on the chocolate cream pounds. Plus, I eat my donuts the healthy way- I let my kid eat the edges first.

*I promise my firstborn✧ to the first person to bring me these. They were a limited edition release for the last Indiana Jones movie. I bought all I could find. They didn't last long.

✧That was just a joke.


Christina said...

I had dunkin donuts today too! We live about 1/2 mile from one hehehe. I got munchkins today! And a bagel.

janet said...

Thanks for starting my Monday with a smile!

Jesse said...

Good call with the chocolate creme, but man, you got ripped off on the filling! That's like a toothpaste-portion's worth of chocolate creme in a sea of breading. Lame.

I love it when they're stuffed to the point where the chocolate creme is oozing out of the sides and you can't take a bite without it gushing out everywhere.

SewSweetStitches said...

Ohhh yes Christina their bagels are oh so good. I love the sour cream and chives. Tummy: *grumble grumble*
Yeah Jess, well like I said I let CJ eat the edges. She thinks she's getting the good stuff. haha!