Thursday, March 18, 2010

Acceptance Speech

An award! For moi!

Actually, two. Because Johanna of Good Girls Studio sent me one last month and it was during the post-move craziness, and I ungraciously forgot all about it. I'm so sorry! And then I remembered because Cheryl of Cheryl's Purple Cow sent me one yesterday!
Thanks pretty ladies! (Click their links to see their own cute lists!)

So, part of the award is writing a post of 7 things that you haven't shared before. This is going to be really hard, because... well, I talk a lot! But I'll try to find something I haven't bored you with before, and I'll try to make them not all about food!

1. I am obsessed with Taco Bell. I could eat there for Every. Single. Meal.

2. There is a secret list of words that I hate. And I can't stand it if anyone says them out loud. I'll just give you one, since you can't say it to me haha: "womb"

3. I'm not afraid of spiders, the dark, or heights. But I am terrified of Shopping Cart Heel, road rash, and nail clippers.

4. DDR makes me happy. You know, the video game? With the dance pad, and you step on the arrows? I will play that until I fall down and die. True story.

5. I can flare my nose holes (nostrils is a forbidden word) out really really reeeeally big. It's horrifying.

6. I'm 27, and I can't whistle. At all. Not even the tiniest bit.

7. My Dad is (and I'm not a bit exaggerating) the smartest man on the planet. He can make anything, and you (I) can spend hours listening to him talk about how things work. So he acts all adult-ish in public, but if we get together and hang out, we giggle like girls. I'm sure he appreciates you all knowing this.

Ok now that you think I'm certifiably nuts, I pass the award on to seven fabulous blogs! I've selected a good mix here: Funny mommies, fashionistas, and crafty geniuses. Click away, I promise you'll love them!

Have fun!

PS. Jesse, why do you have THREE photos of my noseholes on the internet?


Anonymous said...

You are right the flare is incredible....smiles. But your post is adorable....too.

Christina said...

Thank you!! HAHA Nice nostrils. You are quite witty. Your last entry about your creative process was very funny. I feel like I can relate, and I don't feel like I fit the Etsy thing sometimes, according to my very slow sales!!! hahaha

Maxwell Designs said...

Congratulations - I feel I know you a little better now :-)

janet said... are scaring me with that photo ! Ha..just kidding, congrats on the awards!

Jesse said...

Because two was not enough and four would be too many (five is right out!).

Jessica said...

I really want to post all the words that I know you hate- but that would be mean! Gazebo.

Anonymous said...

FANtastic nose holes! You made me laugh, a lot. A little crazy is a good thing :-)