Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adventures In Babysitting

My Nemesis: Baby clothes that snap.

Yup, you know the kind- Jammies that have like eleventy billion snaps down the front and on the insides of both legs, strategically placed so that a kicking baby with absolutely no control of his motor functions can easily elude them.
I mean, really, why do they even make those things? Hello, zippers!

Anyway. So if I thought those were bad, boy was I in for it...

Gahhh! What is that thing? How are that many snaps mathematically possible? What the heck do I do with them all???

It's a cloth diaper cover.
When my brother and sister-in-law told me they planned to use cloth diapers, I was like ok whatever, so I fold up the cloth and pin it in place with those adorable giant safety pins with yellow plastic ducks on the top. Nooo problem.
Now the cloth diaper company has to get all high-tech with their modern plastic snaps.

Do not fear for the child's safety, his mother has carefully snapped the covers in place for me ahead of time.

***Obligatory Cute Photos***

In other news, I'll be so happy when the water gets turned back on. Well I mean, it's been back on for the last two days, but we're still under a boil advisory. So we can take a shower and wash our hands, but any water for consumption should be boiled for five minutes. I'm a bottled water snob anyway, (yeah I know I'm killing the earth) but I haven't washed dishes in three days. They're currently stacked all over the dining room carpet. And of course this means I can't make coffee! Is this some kind of extreme intervention to get me off caffeine? Fortunately I have a Tims right down the road mwahahahaha!
Although I have been brushing my teeth without boiling the water first, and I'm not dead yet so it might be just fine to wash the dishes. But the water smells like a concentrated swimming pool, seriously the bathroom reeks like some kind of science lab.
On the bright side, I get a chemical peel facial for free. And I live in a place that has running water. Also a plus.

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Good Girls Studio said...

Those are seriously way too many snaps! Just go back to poking the kids with a safety pin ;)

Hooray for running water & free facial peels! I;m a water bottle snob too :)