Monday, March 29, 2010

Another (Mostly) Great Weekend

So sorry I've been skipping weekend posts, it's a sign of a busy weekend though. That's a good thing!
This weekend was our annual two-day special Bible assembly. Congregations from all over Ohio get together, and it's a great time because we get to see all our friends who don't live close! And it's a reason to dress up just a bit fancier than usual, especially for my munchkin. I was so excited to take lots of pictures to share, but the poor thing got sick on the way there Saturday, and by evening she had a horrible fever and has been laying on the sofa moaning ever since. My parents took care of her Sunday so that my husband and I didn't miss the rest of the assembly.

Oh, and I wore this:

I've been seeing these on etsy for awhile, and I've desperately wanted to own one but I can't afford it right now, so I put this one together from fabric scraps and vintage rhinestone buttons. It was really hard!
Well at first I was cutting a circle of felt for the base and then stitching the fabric strip to it, and it was very awkward and difficult to manage. So I started stitching to a larger piece of felt and then cutting it out when the rose was finished, and that made it a lot easier. Still, I had no idea what I was doing- Mine look messy and un-uniform. *sigh* I guess it just takes lots of practice!

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janet said...

I think it is beautiful!!!