Monday, March 1, 2010

Craft Room Giveaway

It's finally here- my craft room! Or office. Or studio. Or whatever you want to call it. How about The Room I Never Leave. Yep, that seems most accurate.

Again, I apologize for the complete lack of photo quality. I've given up on finding my flash. That will surely make it appear soon.

craftroom (1)
Here's the most expensive piece of furniture I bought for the whole room. Well, for the whole apartment actually! It's the Lack Bookcase from Ikea and it is super sturdy, and the shelves are extra deep for lots of storage boxes.
are all those plastic bins on top? Oh yeah, those are knitting projects that never got finished.

craftroom (2)
These are as cheap as $2 apiece, and they come in so many different sizes, I love them! However, I do NOT love putting dozens of them together. Ask your friends over for that hehe.

craftroom (3)
Get that knitting magazine collection under control!

Here I used Ikea's magazine files to organize my craft and decorating magazines. Any loose patterns and inspiration pages torn from magazines got the 3-hole-punch treatment and were stored in plastic binders. (left)

craftroom (4)

Now here's the computer desk. Er.. table. Actually, I'm very proud of this table because it was such a bargain. And because I put it together all by myself. Well, I did have some "help" from a set of chubby little fingers that kept track of my screws.
How much would you pay for a sturdy yet lightweight table such as this? $40? $30? Try $20. It is part of Ikea's design-your-own-table thing. The top was $4, and each of the steel legs were $4. You can get a lot fancier with pretty trestle legs and so on, but they're more expensive.

Did you see that awesome shoe calendar? My dear friend Patty got that for me, and it's very inspirational!
craftroom (6)

Here's my dry-erase magnetic board calendar. It's super handy for remembering what to do business-wise for the day. Look Marisa, you're on for Monday! And there's you Laura, first thing Tuesday!

craftroom (8)

craftroom (28)
Here's my solution for yarn storage. I like to keep it out where I can see it all, and I like to occasionally rearrange it according to color or fiber. I hung them up with picture strips- they're adhesive on the outsides and velcro on the insides. That way you can take the baskets down and stick them in a different spot if you want to. If you don't have baskets, you could maybe use shoe boxes covered with fabric?

craftroom (9)

craftroom (10)

All the shelves were from Ikea too, of course.

craftroom (13)

I love using vintage cups, pitchers, and bowls to hold my stuff! Many of the button jars were old jelly jars my Mamaw saved for me.

Small patchwork projects and fabric scraps are stored rolled-up and tucked into vintage casseroles and coffee mugs.

craftroom (12)

I keep the ugly plastic storage drawer bins under the work table to keep my finished products and shipping envelopes [hopefully] safe from sticky toddler hands.
So there you have it, the start of my own little studio! I kept the walls white because I'm hoping it will make it easier to photograph my products. I have all kinds of decorating ideas, but for now I'd better get going on CRAFTING!

Oh wait, you want to know about the Craft Room GIVEAWAY?
Well that was just a teaser. I'm not actually giving away a craft room. hehe. More like craft room overflow giveaway. A craft stash supply surprise, if you will. The prize package may include anything you see in the previous photos- fabric scraps and yardage, bits of ribbon and trim, beads, scrapbook embellishments, etc. (Please note my supplies come from a cat-friendly home)

I will be doing a blog post about crafting areas to inspire organization and creativity. Your participation is your entry for the giveaway. Here's how:

1. Send me a photo or photos of your own craft room or craft area, with permission to use them on my blog. My email address is .If you have any notes about your pictures or tips on craft organization, include that too.
2. If you don't want to send a photo, leave a comment on this post with a craft organization tip that you use, or a link to a tip found online. Please include your email address.

The best entries will be included in the inspiration post, with a link back to your shop, blog, etc. Everyone who submits a photo or leaves a comment will be entered in a random drawing for the craft supply package prize. Deadline is Saturday, March 6th. So get out your camera, fire up your browser bookmarks, and lets get organized!


janet said...

Love your new studio...but I want another look in a month to see if it is still so darned neat ;-)

Elaine said...

I use clear plastic rubermaid storage boxes with snap lids to store my ribbon.

elaine guenther @yahoo .com

Lilly said...

I like to organize fabrics by color. I think it is easier to find the one I am looking for and looks great too =D
Thanks for all those pics. Your craft room looks beautiful!
eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

Liz Noonan said...

just messaged you on this, love your room! i like to put shelves way up high for things i don't use often and also for antique paper so it doesn't get mauled by my cats or kids :-)
also i do the skirt thing on my tables to hide all my ugly plastic bins too, lol!
great job!

ashley said...

I don't have space for a craft room so I keep my craft supplies in a plastic bin under my bed.
My craft space is my bedroom floor.


ElegantSnobbery said...

haha, I'm so nosy... the first thing I did when I saw your to-do list was check it out... and YAY! My iPod cozy is on there!! I can't wait to see it!! :D

Good Girls Studio said...

I want to come over & play (can that be my prize!?!)! You are soo super organized my supplies are jealous!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Organization is not part of my skillset. My "craft area" is pretty much one end of the sofa, however supply storage is spread out over three rooms and a hallway. This works well for me as I can almost always find any particular yarn, fabric, book, needle/hook etc. within a few seconds. I have just enough pride left not to show pictures, but I will share this tip. I stock up on the zippered plastic garment storage bags when I find them on sale. They are very convenient for holding yarn for pending projects, and gift recipients appreciate receiving them with their handknit items.

Violet Bella said...

what a creative little giveaway! i LOVE your idea of baskets on the wall. i cant wait to build a home on day and create my own craft room from the ground up! i love all of your organizing ideas!

can i give you a link to my craft room blog entry and you can take any photos you want, if you choose to use it!



Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Okay - you're officially one of those disgustingly organized people that I sit at home and fume at from afar. I'm so jealous (and bitter much?) lol Your craft room is amazing - you've got some serious decorating/organizing skills, lady!!!

My organizing tips? (Because you're sure as anything do not get to see any pictures - too tragic... Anywho - I use a vintage pants hanger to store spools of ribbon because the bottom pops off to string the spools.

shrimpsaladcircus at gmail dot com

LydiaAndPugs said...

Thanks for all your ideas! I am actually re-doing my craft room now, and I was looking for shelving...Ikea here I come! :)

TheCrunchyWife said...

What a fun giveaway!!! I sent you an e-mail with two pictures :) My crafting storage isn't that creat...but it works for me, for now! I can't wait until we have more room!!!

thecrunchywife at gmail dot com

craftyjemima said...

I'm in the middle of organizing my craft room at the moment although it only seems to be getting messier! I too went to ikea for my shelves but store buttons, findings, beads etc in tupperwear boxes, little seed jars, pasta sauce jars (once they've been cleaned of course), mugs... anything I've got lying about the house that I don't use very often. I'm not alowed to put shelves up which is annoying so have lots of storage boxes and free standing furniature instead. I love your fabric wall storage by the way!

Nerys x

One Sheep said...

You have a really lovely space. Mine is in a dark, nearly windowless room, hence no pics! My tip is to invest in good lighting. Eyes wear out quickly enough without speeding them along by trying to do craftwork in murky light.

One Sheep said...

What were the results of the giveaway? Whom should we be congratulating?

Hello there! My name is June said...

Your yarn storage is the cat's pajamas!

Such a fabulous crafty space!