Friday, March 19, 2010

Craft Room Organization Inspiration

...And a winner! Remember, from a zillion years ago (3 weeks) I had that post about my new craft room and ways to organize? Yeah, I finally got around to downloading the photos and the supply winner.
But first, here are the photos that my lovely readers were kind enough to share:

Here's Daisy's craft room. She has lots of cute giveaways on her blog, The Crunchy Wife! I like how she has the storage units stacked on top of each other to save floor space:
She keeps her sewing machine under the desk until she needs it so it doesn't hog up the table. I also love her idea of the magnetic track on the wall for papers: (left side)

Here's Laura's room. She's so crafty, and you must see her beautiful blog. She makes unique upcycled clothes, really special photo jewelry, oh and did I mention she has stuff on Amazing.
Anyway, this is just one of her many crafting areas:

Hanging closet organizer to keep the yarn stash visible, love that idea:

And check out that leaning shutter where she has a bit of jewelry peeking out!

She has more photos and details of her craft areas in this post.

Ok now get ready for some serious craft room envy. Liz has the biggest, brightest craft room I've ever seen! I really like how she put the shelves up high around the top of the room.

I also like the table skirts she made. Imagine how much extra storage you could hide under there!

Here's her magnetic wall. She made it using magnetic paint!

Liz has more details on her craft room in this post and this post. Also did you notice the "25 People" sign in the second photo? She's doing a special Kickstarter project involving found objects turned into art!

Now who doesn't love Good Girls Studio? If you've never seen Johanna's work, here's a great example:

And here's where she creates it all:

She keeps her jewelry supplies in vintage jewelry boxes- how cute is that!

And here's something I wish I had room for- A comfy creativity chair! Here's where Johanna browses fashion mags for inspiration, and she even has a spot for tea on the stack of vintage trunks, in which she keeps all her packing material out of sight.

I love this idea for a blank wall, or even just a large board of some sort- the perfect backdrop for product photography! Jennifer made this from folded tissue paper, genius! More details on her beautiful blog, Jennfunique.

Thanks so much for sending the photos ladies!

And I truly believe I have found the mother of all craft studio organization articles.... Etsy Blog's Studio Envy post. Seriously, I could spend hours devouring every detail of these studios. You can also get a bit carried away on the Etsy Open Studios Flickr group. Go. Read. Drool. And be inspired.

Lastly, the winner of the craft stash giveaway is.....
Ashley of Smashed Potato!
Yay Ashley!
Thanks to everyone who entered!


Violet Bella said...

it was so funny, i was reading along and when i saw the first image of my craft room, i was like, hey i have that bowl! then i realized it was mine! lol! so cute to see my room on here, thanks! i never thought my craft room would make it into an inspirational post on craft rooms!!! im glad you like it!


Tara said...

I love the folded tissue - looks amazing as a backdrop for photos...

Natalie said...

I'm enjoying these types of posts. I dont' have a craft room but a craft "area" in our apartment and I am strruggling with finding how I want to store my yarn with our limited floor space. And since I am not very "creative" seeing how other people are doing it is helping me come up with some ideas :) thanks!!

marta said...

thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog! i wanted to let you know i updated my website to am excited to browse your pretty space. happy weekend. xo.

S and O said...

Looks great!
Happy Friday! :)

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I love the idea of stashing the sewing machine beneath the desk. I may have to see if mine'll fit under my own desk! I love this post idea!!!

Anonymous said...

can you see me blushing??? thank you for all the love on my crafty space! I am so honored! it was a lot of work but MAN it is worth it!

Momichka said...

Great selection of craft rooms! There are so many ideas to be drawn from these (like the shelves in Liz's room), or the lovely lovely tissue paper background in Jennifer's.

Thanks for sharing these!

Good Girls Studio said...

Thanks for the lovely post! I'm almost inspired to go clean the studio back up...almost ;)