Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crafting Inspiration

A few weeks ago Jenny Hart tweeted about this vintage book, Embroidery Magic on Patterned Fabrics. And of course, since the suggestion came from Jenny Hart, I practically beat down the virtual doors of to order a copy for myself.

Mom: "If Jenny Hart jumped off a bridge would you do it to?"
Me: "Are there Jenny Hart patterns waiting at the bottom?"

Anyway, it was a great investment. Of 75 cents.

So it's a pretty great book, very inspiring and all that. And I do have some lovely vintage fabrics that would look great with this technique. But the thing is, I'm the worse sew-er ever. So I could embroider all the fabric I wanted, and that would be the end of it. Maybe I could frame it in those adorable little wooden embroidery hoops?

I'm still sorting through the pile of library books from last week. I'm madly in love with this one, Embroider A Garden. I will definitely have to buy it, or else check it out of the library every two weeks!

Normally I'm happy just to outline stitch on cut felt shapes, but I might be getting a bit bored with that. Shhh!
I mean look at that, though! I gotta try it:

From another library craft book, I love this idea:

It's a collar, and here they've made it out of linen. I'd love to try it in leather!

Speaking of which, I've had these sitting on my worktable for a couple of weeks:

Supplies for more leather jewelry, even though nobody's been buying my first leather cuffs. But I can't help it, they were so much fun. I think the mustard and green are going to be a statement necklace? My husband says those colors don't go together at all. Boys, what do they know? Hmmm...


Good Girls Studio said...

That embroidery book is a great score! Swoony Gardens...get on it girl! Can't wait to see your collar!


janet said...

The garden embroidery is gorgeous!!!!

Kelly said...

Love the Embroider a Garden pics, especially the first one (summer)!

I may have to buy a copy for myself!