Saturday, March 6, 2010

Evil Lurks on The Interwebs

It's true. And it's called Polyvore.
Stay away, my friends. Stay away.

Everyone but me probably already knew about this, but Imma talk about it anyway.
Lately I've been trying to cut back on my online time, and only using it for good. Not evil. But Christina over at Consider The Coffee occasionally posts Polyvore sets she's found, and after several weeks I could no longer resist the pull of the collage. I do love me some collaging. Hmm... not a word, but you know what I meant. But before I show you my virtual scissors-and-gluestick handiwork, here's how beautiful Polyvore sets are meant to look:


take me with you

lovely bedroom

Just listen to the rythem of my heart

See- Polyvore can make even SJP look pretty! Oooh not nice...

And here are my first sets:


See, Polyvore is like playing Barbies for adults. That one even has a little Barbie scene/story to go along with it: This is what she wears when she's having a fancy outdoor weekend brunch with Hugh Grant. I know, not everyone thinks Hugh Grant is the stud I do, but can't you totally picture him having an outdoor brunch? He'll say witty things in his charming accented stutter, and Polyvore Barbie will throw back her shining mane with a tinkling feminine laugh.

And yes, I do like to match my shoes and handbag. I'm tacky-chic like that.
Primarily Fun
Now this one is what I would wear like every day. If just one outfit could encompass my style, that would be it. Of course, I'd have to hand over a kidney or something for that Alexander Mcqueen zippered leather bag. Poo.
Feels Like Spring
The last two tops are actually mini dresses from Fredflare. Looove me some Fredflare!

So anyway, that's what's been keeping me up late online. I figure if boys are allowed to play video games, I should get to play virtual Barbie, right?
Oh, and it's a business need. Because it.. uh... it inspires creativity. Yeah, that's it. And I'm making social network contacts. Totally justifiable.
Any other Polyvore addicts here? Join the support group.
As in, supporting your habit *giggle*


Jessica said...

I've never heard of Polyvore before this post. I was majorly confused so I went to find out more on the Polyvore website. It's a strange and neat concept. I love your collages! Hey, since I majorly need new clothes because of my newly acquired birthing hips, you should make one for me that's not too crazy and I'll go shopping and try to find a similar look! Wouldn't that be fun? Oh, and I can't believe you like Hugh Grant. He's mine. You can't have him.

Christina said...

Your collages are great! Way better than any of mine. I never got too fancy with it, losing patience! haha GOOD job!!!!


my-my...such amazing loveliness here!
visual delights~

SewSweetStitches said...

Really Jess, you and Hugh Grant? I don't see it. You strike me as more of a Jude Law girl.
And if you have birthing hips I have birthing.. uh.. blimps. So I'll shop for adorable things for you and you shop for potato sacks for me mmk?

Christina this is all your fault :)
Thanks ladies!

PonderandStitch said...

I've never heard of Polyvore, either- oh and I WANT those green shoes with the mary jane straps...SO perfect!

Christina said...

mwahahaha *evil Laugh*
Ya know, I might have to put some of yours on my blog now since they rock!