Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Great Week

Yep, I had a fantastic week! First off, I got to spend two days with this little ball of yumminess:

I miss him already, but I won't get to squeeze him again until Tuesday!

Yesterday I spent time with my friends Patty and Greg, and then my dad took Munchkin and me to one of my favorite restaurants, China Cottage. I got chicken in sweet pineapple sauce. It's loaded with chunks of pineapple and maraschino cherries mmmmm.... Seriously, if you live in the Dayton area you have to go!
Then my little girl got a free slushie from the Kmart cafe just for being adorable. Ha! Good thing that nice cashier didn't know about the other day when she got into my makeup and scrubbed the walls with it!

When I got home I finished this for Marisa of Elegant Snobbery, home of the cutest little illustrations you ever did see!
I really enjoyed this project because it was a make-it-up-as-I-go kind of thing. I like to start with the part I know how to do, and work it out in my head from there while I'm stitching.
It was a lot less fiddly than the coffee cozies, but it had more little pieces like the earbuds pocket and the button flap.

I'll definitely be doing more of these, and I'm so glad Marisa gave me the jumpstart I needed! In other crafty business news, I'm thrilled about this weekend's free hair clip sale, it's really working out great. Maybe I should do that more often!

Lets see what else... Oh, I finally joined the BlogHer network. I've been wanting to for a while, and it's even better than I thought! It's packed with helpful blogging articles and I've already found several more inspiring blogs to add to my blog roll. Ok, I'm officially sick of the word blog lol!

Here's one last thing that made my week great- listening to this song like a million times. It just makes me happy!

She is just so adorable, look at her cute little nose!
So how was your week? Any happy songs you've been loving lately? Leave a link!


ElegantSnobbery said...

YAY for me and my new iPod cozy!! I'm in love!! and ooooh, love that baby. I need to remember that I'm done having kids, or I'll get baby cravings all over again.

janet said...

I don't know what's yummier...the baby of that Ipod cozy!!

Lisa said...

I'll bet your mother would just LOVE an iPod cozy like that one. Maybe she should hold the fabric and buttons she bought for you hostage...

SewSweetStitches said...

Eeeeek!!! Did you go to the quilt show??!!

Jessica said...

Aw-now that's just the cutest baby ever! :)
And I don't know if brown and pale blues and pinks are your thing, but a lot of people like that color combo...