Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli!

Remember last week when I was talking about embellishing the truth to get kids to eat healthy? Well mostly I was just trying to be funny, but it really is an issue of concern in this family. Since then, I've stopped buying sugary snacks (I still make cake and cookies from scratch for dessert) and have piled the dining room table high with all kinds of fruit. I was chatting with Chiara in an etsy forum on this subject, and she had some fantastic advice- she even blogged about it here!
I already put a few of the suggestions into practice, and they've worked great! At the library, we found this book:
It's really cute, and Munchkin gets a kick out of saying what a good girl she is because she loves carrots. And boy does she! I think we're going to need three bags per week instead of just one! She'll tell anyone who'll listen how good they are for your eyes and how they're making her big and strong.

I also love Marisa's suggestion with the dipping sauces. She's right- my kid will eat anything if it's been dipped in some kind of yogurt, sauce, or peanut butter.

I've also been letting her help with preparing dinner. She seems to be much more excited about eating it if she can boast to her daddy that she made it. She especially loves our homemade beef stew- We usually make it as a family, all helping to wash and chop the veggies, sprinkle in the herbs, and give it an occasional stir. When it finally hits the table, she's practically hysterical with joy. It's pretty adorable.

Also, I've been sure to fall all over myself with excitement when shopping for veggies (I'm sure this makes a great show at the grocery store) and when putting them away at home. Last trip, we bought ingredients for a fresh salad. the mushrooms and tomatoes have been sitting in their packages on the table, and every day she's asked me what they are. I always tell her the truth now, but in a really excited voice, and then I tell her how much I love them and how yummy they are. And she can't wait to try them!

Ahh, potential diabetic crisis avoided.
Next stop: The Whining. *cringe*


Jessica said...

Aw- what a good mommy you are! I've been eating terrible lately- I need more fruits and veggies. Maybe I need to read that monster broccoli book :)

Vanessa said...

What a creative idea, I'll have to check out this book once our little one starts eating solids :)

Chiara said...

That's really great to hear! :D
So the books and stuff are working? :)

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Yay for healthy snacks! I'm sure she'll learn to love them.

Good Girls Studio said...

She's a lucky munchkin to have you as her mom! If The Boy won't eat his veggies I just make him go to bed hungry ;)

janet said...

I have always found my guys ate a bigger variety of foods if I involved them in the cooking process.

Anonymous said...

you have some great ideas! You are raising one healthy little girl!