Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Nerdy Weekend

What's our weekend activity of choice?

The library!

Not all of those are mine. Maybe most.
I had a great time in the childrens section. Remember the Berenstein Bears books? One of them was about eating healthy, where Mama bear outlaws junk food. I remember reading it as a kid and thinking how awful it would be if my mom ever did that. So why do I think it'll work on my own kid? Ehmm....

Also I checked out some Beverly Cleary Ramona books. I loved those! And Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle. I still laugh uncontrollably at the "I Thought You Said-ers." Maybe Munchkin won't have the patience to listen to me read them, since there are no pictures and they're longer than her normal Dr. Seuss books. Then I'll just read them to my baby nephew, he'll have no choice since he can't crawl away yet. Mwahahaha!

After the library we had to stop by the mall for a completely legitimate and necessary small purchase, but of course we left with two more fancy schmancy spring dresses for the little diva. The downside to having no less than a dozen formal-ish dresses is that we'll run out of opportunities to show her off long before we run out of dresses. Oh believe me, there will be photos. On this blog. And you'll have to look at all of them!

Anyway, my little brother had a cookout so we went there, did that. All was going well until someone started a push-up competition, and then we all ended up participating in a family arm wrestling event.

Also, there was this bean bag throwing into wood circle thing going on:

I don't think that's quite the way it's played.

So anyway that's why I've been the lamest blogger ever the past few days. C'mon, my champion arm wrestling arm is sore! But we had a great time!


Jessica said...

You are freakishly strong. My entire arm is sore.

SewSweetStitches said...

Bwahahaha! Pish-posh, we would've battled out the right arm all night if we weren't such sissies teehee

Vanessa said...

I love your blog, so sweet and cute!!

Anonymous said...

There are so many things I love about your blog this week! First off library=THE best ever.My mom took us there a ton as kids and it is STILL a place that is warm and fuzzy to me(well,until I get to the check out and they tell me about my fines....bleh.).

The Bearenstein Bears book I remember most is the "TOO MUCH TV" one. Maybe I should read it over now....NAH,Ive got a DVR to watch. :-P

And I loved Beasus and Ramona. :-)

Great great pix of carly,as always. Shes just too great.